About Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

“Dialectical behavioral therapy is a biopsychosocial approach to treatment that is rooted in Zen philosophy and behaviorism” (The Family Journal/SagePub).

This category is for discussing DBT and for people to share their experiences with it in terms of treating different types of OCD, and share information or studies on DBT and its efficacy on treating OCD.

This sounds really interesting, it’s the first time I hear about it. Will definitely do more research about DBT :slight_smile:

Im really curious whether CBT helped someone here. Right now I’m doing CRM and ACT so probably I can one more therapy haha

Actually, I started DBT too after I saw it mentioned here last week. Just like you guys I haven’t heard about it prior to that and got curious about it. I feel like I am way more positive than before after a few days of doing it. Try it out!

That’s great to hear, I really should try it too then. I’ve been too busy the last week but from next, I am having a small vacation so that’s the perfect opportunity.

Yeah, I am really curious if it worked well for you too @Joon. I still feel its good effect on me.

I stated DBT yesterday. It is still a little difficult for me to grasp its main concepts but I think I like it. I will share how I feel about tomorrow.

Honestly, I like the therapy, but somehow I’m really impatient for learning new concepts and prefer to do my sports. Running and swimming help me with any problem or insecurity. What is your opinion about the therapy?