About the Hit and Run OCD category

Oh really? There is so much controversial information online about what foods are suitable for this and that condition. One study claims something, and another one finds evidence that the opposite is true. Anyway, I will share if I find helpful information I believe is truthful.

I agree entirely about the controversial information. I am an avid reader, and I always see concepts explained from different perspectives that make sense on their own. Moreover, most large companies pay for specific studies to be done so that people will use their products. This seems to be a general practice that has an awful impact on our lives.

Unfortunately, I have seen a few examples of academic misconduct. Many findings out there concerning the general public are distorted for specific reasons. Thus, doing your research to the best of your ability is necessary. In terms of foods for OCD, I need a lot of time to research as this is not something I have ever looked at before.