About the “Just Right” OCD category

“Just Right” OCD is a form of OCD that involves a mental struggle against a feeling of incompleteness until a specific action or set of actions are performed. Some examples of the compulsions and behaviors related to this type of OCD are as follows:

  • Putting an object in a specific place in a specific way (e.g. putting a square object on a square table and trying to perfectly match the corners of the table with the corners of the object)
  • Folding a towel until it feels “perfectly folded”
  • Wanting to touch an object a certain amount of times until the feeling of incompleteness subsides (e.g. “I have to touch this doorknob 10 times before I can enter the room”)
  • Picking up an object and attempting to put it back “just right”
  • Washing one’s hands until one feels their hands are “perfectly” clean
  • Repeatedly opening and closing a door or drawer until it closes “just right”

Please keep in mind that our platform is not meant for reassuring one’s compulsions or behaviors; instead, we are a community that helps and supports each other in terms of recovery.

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