About the Postpartum OCD category

Postpartum OCD (also known as Postnatal OCD) is a form of OCD (exclusive to women) that involves intrusive thoughts after childbirth of potentially harming one’s child, or that something bad might happen to said child. Some examples of the compulsions and behaviors related to this type of OCD are as follows:

  • Constant checking on the child to make sure they are breathing and safe
  • Constant checking of the baby monitor
  • The thought that one might have the urge to purposely harm the child
  • The thought that one might accidentally harm (e.g. drop) the child
  • Thinking the baby is crying due to having been physically hurt in some way
  • Being overly concerned about falling asleep or potentially forgetting about the child

Please keep in mind that our platform is not meant for reassuring one’s compulsions or behaviors; instead, we are a community that helps and supports each other in terms of recovery.

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