About the Scrupulosity (Religious) OCD category

Scrupulosity (Religious) OCD is a form of OCD that involves religious, moral and/or spiritual obsessions. Some examples of the compulsions and behaviors related to this type of OCD are as follows:

“• Blasphemy
• Having committed a sin
• Behaving morally
• Purity
• Going to hell
• Death
• A loss of impulse control”
(source: International OCD Foundation)

“• Excessive trips to confession
• Repeatedly seeking reassurance from religious leaders and loved ones
• Repeated cleansing and purifying rituals
• Acts of self-sacrifice
• Avoiding situations (for example, religious services) in which they believe a
religious or moral error would be especially likely or cause something bad to
(source: International OCD Foundation)

Please keep in mind that our platform is not meant for reassuring one’s compulsions or behaviors; instead, we are a community that helps and supports each other in terms of recovery.

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