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ADHD vs. OCD: Differences and Similarities Many people are familiar with ADHD and OCD but may not know the differences between the two. This blog post will explore the key differences between ADHD and OCD and some of the similarities. Understanding these disorders is essential, as they can both have a significant impact on daily…

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a child. However, two years ago, I got another consultation, and my therapist found that I have OCD as well. I think that everyone should get 2-3 independent opinions, especially regarding mental disorders.

I absolutely know what you mean. My OCD diagnosis is correct, but I have met a handful of people who have gotten the wrong one. It is unpleasant, especially if put on the wrong medication.

I always had the feeling that something was wrong but didn’t speak about it. Now I feel that things are under control, but I’m a little bitter because I missed out on life when I was younger.

Don’t waste your time thinking about the things you have missed. We learn how to act wisely because of the challenges we go through and the mistakes we make. Also, try to forgive the person who didn’t give you the best treatment. We all don’t do our job perfectly all the time.

I am trying to be a more forgiving and peaceful person overall. It does not work all the time, but I a doing my best to listen and agree with positive people like you. Thank you a lot.

You are very welcome, Paris. I hope you are doing well coping with your conditions. Do you have any struggles can you want to share?

Maybe the main struggle is being too direct and honest with others. I sometimes feel close people becoming distant from me. However, I don’t want to change myself to please others.

Don’t change yourself just because others get upset by you speaking the truth. I changed back in time to accommodate the wrong people in my life. Those who deserve to stay in your life will appreciate your honesty.

I would say that you can still be direct but also careful with your words and tone. I have seen people who are direct and sound rude while others know how to say things seriously and diplomatically simultaneously.

I am always nice. The issue is that I don’t look like an authority, and naturally, others doubt my opinion. Part of this comes from me not being confident enough, but this is something I didn’t want to confess to myself.

You then need some time to become confident with yourself. Some achievements and new beginnings will help with that, but I don’t know where in your life you stand now.

I am not sure where I stand either. I know how life works in general, and what people appreciate. However, I am no longer so enthusiastic to make things work in the best possible. I became somewhat apathetic which scares me the most.

Apathy is not a good thing, I agree. Does something negative happen recently in your life? Did someone offend you in some way? Usually, words hurt more than actions, so we should always be careful what we say.

You are close but it wasn’t that someone offended me. I just realized a couple of things that made me unhappy. Anyway, I am working on this being just a temporary condition.

Feel free to talk about it; I will be happy to help. You can also try to evaluate what other factors contribute to how you feel. I hope you no longer feel that way, though.

I am significantly better now. I appreciate your concern, Fresh. :slight_smile: It is funny how sometimes I come to certain conclusions that make me happy or miserable for days.

Certain moments are part of life as long as they don’t happen that often. Do you think there might be any underlying reason for those mood swings?

Besides being too sensitive, I can’t think of another reason. Probably OCD comes into play as well, even though I wouldn’t say I like to use it as an excuse for my issues.