Advice for coping with skin-picking disorder

Apart from contamination OCD, I have excoriation disorder, aka I pick on my skin very often. This behavior led me to have scars and, as a result, low self-esteem. My therapist said that this disorder is related to my OCD.
In all honesty, It can be challenging to break the habit of picking at your skin, especially if you’ve been doing it for a long time. Therefore, I want to share the habit that helped me stop doing that harm to myself.
Contrary to all the tips I found on Google, I listened to my intuition and started an intensive skincare routine. I invested in high-quality chemical peels, serums, sunscreen, and foundation. My skin condition improved, and it was visible to those around me. I felt extremely confident and pretty and didn’t want to ruin that. It wasn’t easy, I still sometimes have urges to do it, but I can say that it is manageable. It is constructive when I look at old pictures where my face skin looks as if I have acne.

I wish you try my advice if you have a similar problem and maybe share what else helped you stop picking on your skin.

It is impressive you found an out-of-the-box solution. I have heard about skin picking related to OCD, but I have seen my cousin with OCD pulling her hair a lot. I checked that it is also some sort of compulsive disorder. I am curious to know if you experienced something similar too.

I sometimes pull the dry ends of my hair, especially when I’m more anxious. With my skin is very rare. Everything with ocd is so strange…

I will try your advice because I have some tiny visible scars, and as a guy, I can not use cosmetics to hide them. I also pick on my skin, especially if I’m irritated or anxious. Maybe some chemical peels and repairing creams might help, and I will like my skin so much that I will stop doing it. Strangely but it makes sense.

I do the same with my hair. I feel satisfaction when I remove the damaged ends of my hair one by one. I haven’t thought before that it might have something to do with OCD.

Me neither! Since I was tiny, I’ve been doing it and never gave it a second thought. But when I try to observe the moments of it happening, it is at times when I’m either nervous or bored. It’s like nail-biting.

I am only happy to share something that worked well for me. It took me a lot of time to figure that out, though. Once you start taking care of your skin, even as a guy, you will see a reduced urge to ruin it again.

Oh, I know about this too. Following the logic of my success story with skin picking, you should probably cut your hair so that there are no dry ends for you to pick on.

Yeah, what you said makes sense. When my hair is soft without dry ends, I don’t do anything to it. I will go to the hairdresser today. :sweat_smile:

Well, I come back to say that I tried your techniques, and they seem to work with me too. I feel great when my skin looks better than before, and I don’t think about ruining that after the effort I put in to keep it looking good. So this method work, and I encourage others who have the same problem to try it too.

You are the first male that tried my advice and confirmed that it worked well. You have no idea how joyful I feel now. I will just remind you that you need to be consistent and regular with your efforts.

I am consistent indeed. I even spend as much time cleansing my face a few times a day as probably a woman does. I am afraid that I am becoming a little metrosexual, and I like it. :sweat_smile:

Do not feel guilty for taking care of your appearance at all. It pays off so much. The more confident you are in your skin, the better results you will have in life, work, relationships, and all.