Advice for coping with skin-picking disorder

I tried some breathing exercises, and I can say that it works. I feel lighter and more present with my mind. As if the oxygen went to parts of my body a few times than it usually does. :sweat_smile:

Technically, the great effect of most breathing techniques is, for that reason - to deliver more oxygen to all parts of your body. I believe you should continue with the breathing exercises you like most and make them part of your routine.

I like that recommendation. Now I remember that swimming used to help me calm my mind and relax my body before. I do not swim anymore due to relocating to a place with no pool or sea nearby.

Then that is the perfect opportunity to substitute your beloved swimming with breathing exercises. It should work just as well, if not better, for keeping you relaxed throughout the day.

Yes, you are so, so right. I did try a couple of breathing techniques yesterday and earlier today and I am super chill now. Karma worked well for me after I shared something useful with others here, and got something super useful for myself.

That’s one of the main reasons I come here to share helpful something that I tried. I almost always read about something even more interesting.

Yeah, today also. Someone said that the water structure from the tap water is not suitable for us to drink it. Of course, I have heard that but never did anything about it. Now I will take action and search to buy a device that makes the water suitable for drinking.

Many devices change the water somehow, so you need to know exactly what device was recommended. There was a time I wanted to buy one but got confused by all the different types on the market and ended up not buying anything.

I also get confused with the part about finding the best device. I believe it’s easier to find a person who has studied or understands that subject so that they will recommend a device for our specific needs.

That’s a good idea in this case. Make sure those are specialists and not some marketers who get a commission from selling a particular device. There are so many of these nowadays.

Haha, I am not easy to get fooled by people like these. I know when a product is worth it, but I need a little help to understand the golden standard of those devices and in which circumstances they are suitable for usage.

I see what you mean now. If you could share the information you get, you would be golden. I am also curious about getting one but not so motivated to search for someone to talk to about which device is best.

I ordered a device a couple of days ago, but I need to test it first and then share if it works well. I am almost sure it will be a life changer as it has excellent reviews and it was recommended to me warmly.

Congratulations on your device. I still haven’t decided what to order as I have two items I am wondering between. Hopefully, I will decide this week and share my opinion as well.

Did you manage to order something to purify your water? I am delighted with the product I picked. Many of my friends and also some of my family members want to get the same.

Not yet, unfortunately. I have been in red since I have to buy so many Christmas presents. I am glad that you are satisfied with your device, though. I will update you as soon as I get one myself.

To be honest, I don’t use it all the time. You know the excitement before and after you buy something. I still love it, but it is relatively pricey, so ensure you get the right one when you can afford it.

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I will, and I will share more information when I get the product :hugs: