After OCD Recovery

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After OCD Recovery: How to Live a Life Without Fear It’s been a long road, but you’ve finally recovered from OCD. Congratulations! Now what? How do you live your life without fear and anxiety holding you back? It can be challenging, but with the ideas we are about to suggest below, you’ll be able to…

The key is setting realistic goals and having more exciting experiences and hobbies after recovery. Precisely as the article suggests.

I totally agree with you. Moreover, excluding negative people from my life whenever possible is another thing that helped me the most.

Maybe traveling and searching for meaning would help too. This is what I do now, and I would say that I feel way calmer than before.

Negativity is like a disease, and it drags you down in any aspect. Like you, I also try to avoid negative people or ignore what they are saying. I am too sensitive about complaints, dramas, and so on.

I feel you. Before, I used to care more about making people happy no matter how they made me feel, but that’s no longer the case. When I spot specific toxic behavior patterns, I ensure that those people become instantly invisible to me.

We all have our character and can be toxic from time to time, even without realizing it. However, some individuals are absolute energy suckers, and your point is correct. :ok_hand:

It is true indeed. What is even worse is that OCD makes us self-sabotage ourselves. No one can do something worse to us than what we do to ourselves. Thus, we need to focus primarily on our actions and take care of ourselves.