Benefits of OCD

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The Surprising Benefits of OCD Do you think of OCD as a disorder that is nothing but a curse? If so, you are not alone. Many people view OCD negatively, without realizing the benefits that this condition can offer. Contrary to popular belief, OCD is not just about being neat and tidy. It is a…

As the article suggests, most people with OCD that I’ve met know how to think outside of the box. I have noticed that they tend to be the best in what they choose to do. I’m good at spotting patterns, so this is not a coincidence.

I can agree with you to some extent. People with OCD are strangely cute and have their own ways of dealing with things. However, from my observations, they need someone “normal” to believe in them and cherish them for they are.

Unfortunately, concerning most cases, you are right. At the end of the day, we all need some sort of approval for the things we do, which serves us as further motivation.

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I find a great benefit of OCD within myself is being super attentive to details. Sometimes it is at the cost of my good relationships with people because they dislike my criticism. But it is because they don’t appreciate my help and the great results they can get from it.

Sorry, but I utterly dislike when perfectionists criticize others. I think you should work on your social skills and start with the good things others do and then mention what could be improved.

I can see that others appreciate my honesty about their results and what they could improve, even when they appear upset with me. My social skills are good as they can be. It can always be better, but I don’t want to change myself in that aspect.

If you dont want to change that quality of yours then i respect that. However, it should be extremely challenging for those who live with you. I mean, my character is the opposite of yours and i cant imagine being around you even for an hour on a daily basis.

I bet you will like it :grinning: I know how to tell things directly and respectfully simultaneously. Of course, most people are too self-centered, and you can’t tell them a word. However, the ones who appreciate my criticism know it’s not meant to bring them down in any way.

I am too self-centered for your criticism, baby. :joy: At least most of the time, I don’t want to be disturbed in any way, and many people are like me. That’s why maybe criticize only those you feel sure that want to hear and learn from what you are saying.

Fair enough. I should better not disturb people like you anyway. :smile:
I am learning to notice everything and speak less about it, but it’s damn difficult.

Be patient dear Paris. I want to note another benefit of OCD I noticed. I tend to be more empathetic at times as well as the other people with OCD I know. Some have a complex personality but below that is a gently forgiving soul.

I have noticed that also in other people with OCD. I can’t speak about myself, but it is incredible that there are such amazing benefits of OCD.

I can feel your empathetic vibe as well. I am trying hard to observe and note down the positive qualities that most of us with OCD have. I want to let other people know that we are cool no matter what,

Do you think that sensitivity is a positive quality? From my observations, we kind of all have it to some extent. Sometimes I think that I can feel the life of people just by looking at them and smelling them.

Oh, that sounds like some psychic abilities. I don’t think it has something to do with OCD, though. Tell me more about it, I got curious. What exactlyvcan you feel about people when you smell them?

I am too sensitive towards everything but don’t like to call myself psychic. I can usually feel the way that person feels at home, what the atmosphere is at his home. Then I know if that’s just an average person or someone more interesting.

Wow, that’s fascinating. Have you ever discussed this ability of yours with someone else? Moreover, do you know someone else who can do the same thing you do just by passing through others?

I mentioned it to one of my teachers, and she was not surprised, which means that she has probably heard about people with the same ability. However, I don’t remember what she said exactly.