Best medication for ocd intrusive thoughts

What is the best medication or combinations of drugs for OCD intrusive thoughts

I think adding an anti-psychotic medication to your treatment may help with intrusive thoughts. But there are some side effects you need to consider. I made a topic for this here: Anti-psychotic medications in combination with antidepressants.

I tried venlafaxine and zoloft and they did some job but not in the long term without side effects.

I am using Prozac and Risperdal and for now, I haven’t noticed any side effects.

You are really lucky then. I was having mood swings and not feeling myself at times while I was taking medication.

I see. Well, everyone reacts differently to medication. I have met a few people who really dislike its effects in the long term, especially if they use other substances and alcohol.

Actually, I just made a friend in another community that claims that she has been taking Lexapro for years and hasn’t really noticed any side effects.

My cousin uses Lexapro too, as far as i know, she is not having side effects from it. I personally haven’t tried it myself yet as I am fine with my current medication.