Can you get OCD from your parents?

Originally published at: Can you get OCD from your parents? – By Jonas Eriksson

Can you get OCD from your parents?  It is a question that has been asked by man. can you get OCD from your parents? The answer to that question is YES. I know this because we are four family members with severe OCD, and it has been passed down to me. What is OCD and how does it…

This is precisely my case. My mother and uncle always seemed to behave relatively weirdly at times. Later in life, when I was diagnosed with OCD and read more details about the condition, I could see that they had similar symptoms.

I have also heard about many cases in which a particular individual with OCD has a relative with OCD or other mental disorder. Nature is creepy.

Unfortunately, it’s true. What can be pitier than getting an OCD as a “surprise” from your parents or grandparents?

I think I have it from my grandmother. At that time, she was not diagnosed with OCD, but my father told me that she had some psychotic tendencies and obsessions. So there is a logical possibility I got that “surprise.”

It seems possible for me too. However, no matter who it might come from, consider it an unwanted or maybe wanted gift - it depends on how you look at it. I know many people who claim their OCD makes them more creative and colorful than others. I think someone here already mentioned it too.

Nothing really. Well, I have a friend who got the big ears from her grandma, so maybe at such times, I prefer OCD.

I think that it’s better to get the bad ears which you can fix with plastic surgery one time. :sweat_smile: Treating OCD is an ongoing process that requires dedication so please choose wisely :sweat_smile:

I am afraid of doctors, so there is no way I will voluntarily go for an intervention. However, I understand that some ugly physical trait is not a big deal for most people because it can be easily fixed.

If you work on your fear of doctors just like you do for dealing with OCD, you will have some results. It’s essential to do a few checkups per year, and when you dislike doctors and hospitals, you might miss getting an early diagnosis for a severe medical condition.