Celebrities with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Haha, I like the mystery behind this. I hope you don’t use the same nickname e.g., your name, in the other forums because I might try to search for what you posted if I get too curious and bored.

I am not that dumb. I like to use different usernames in every app/forum. That’s the best strategy I heard when I was still a teenager, and I use it till today. As for the surprise, wait a little bit more.

You are one of the very very few who do this. I am proud of you. There are so many instances I regret using the same username or password out of convenience. People should learn not to do that.

Online security is a serious thing nowadays, and being extra cautious is more than essential. It’s not only about the usernames but using appropriate passwords and not clicking on random links are among the things we should be careful with. I believe my OCD helps me be extra cautious and overthink possible threats.

What you are saying is relevant and vital. Another way OCD can be helpful is by being extra cautious, isn’t it? I wonder if you ever had problems with being hacked?

That seems to be correct for most people with OCD. Otherwise, I haven’t been hacked as far as I know because sometimes you might never know. However, I have seen terrifying examples of that around me.

Same here.
Better to be safe than sorry, especially in situations like this.

That’s precisely what everyone should keep in mind. Especially with the inflation going on, there are more and more scams and bugs in almost all apps I use. I hope it’s not going to escalate.

I think it will escalate eventually, but let’s hope it won’t affect us tremendously. Do you have a favorite celebrity who deals with OCD or other mental disorder?

It’s understandable to hope for minimal impact on ourselves. In terms of a favorite celebrity who deals with OCD, I am inspired by the story of David Beckham, who managed to be one of the best football players despite his condition. Maybe if it were me, I wouldn’t have succeeded.

It’s great that you find inspiration in the story of David Beckham and how he has managed his OCD while achieving success in his career. However, remember that success is possible even with an OCD diagnosis. Determination and hard work always win over any disability or disorder.

I know that already, but seeing positive examples from celebrities with OCD helps me manage my simple life more easily. Do you have a recent achievement you are particularly proud of?

I understand that :slight_smile: Yes, I am super proud of being selected among many candidates to work on a very specific research project.