Celebrities with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

I am currently doing something like that cause I don’t have much time left. I forget to eat and use every single minute to write additional text. However, no problems with my OCD yet.

It sounds almost impossible, but if it’s true, then you are super lucky. I hope you managed well with your project and bear the fruits of your hard work now.

I don’t know about the results yet, but I had a big party last weekend and await a new one tomorrow. It feels great to celebrate after a huge project. How have you been, Steve?

I am very happy for you, Sofie. I am sure you deserve to loosen up a little. As for myself, I’ve been relatively alright, also mainly busy most of the days. No depression or destructive behavior thought, which is great :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome. Busy and no destructive behavior. I have a tough time being in a similar situation when I have to do a lot at once.

I manage it by eating way less when I’m busy. I noticed that when I am hungry, I tend to do more things at once as I have more energy. Maybe try it out and see if it makes some difference.

I do that until noon sometimes, but after noon, I can’t work more without eating something. I know some friends who can go till evening, but my body works differently. I am a little envy you guys can do it easily.