Common OCD Thoughts

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Common OCD Thoughts That Might Be Racing Through Your Mind Do you ever have those moments where a random, intrusive thought pops into your head, and you can’t shake it? If you have OCD, you know that these thoughts can be tough to deal with.  This blog post will discuss some of the most common…

How can someone distinguish if they suffer from perfectionism caused by their OCD or if perfectionism is just part of their personality? I’m deeply confused about where mine comes from and whether it’s more destructive than healthy.

I believe that when your perfectionism comes from OCD, then you are highly preoccupied with thoughts about how to do things most perfectly and uniquely. You might also have many regrets over something that you realize you haven’t done in the right way in your eyes.

I see now. I have also heard and read the same things, and maybe I am just a perfectionist without OCD. I know it’s too much sometimes, but I don’t go to extremes and only rarely have regrets about past actions.

If that’s the case, you should only be happy about it. Trying your best to do things perfectly without the typical regrets and unhealthy obsessions usual for those with OCD is a blessing indeed.

I wouldn’t call it a blessing because it’s hard for the people around me and me sometimes, indeed. I also have anxiety, and maybe 2-3 times, I experienced panic attacks. However, when I talk with friends, I can hear that most of them have experienced either anxiety or panic attacks before. That’s the reason why I haven’t searched for medical help before.

Reading through the lines, I can see that you might have some problem too. Panic attacks are usually not that frequent among people, and having some is most likely a byproduct of a stressful situation. I think it’s a good idea to figure out the reason.