Compulsive swallowing

I have had a sore throat for about a week now. I have been swallowing compulsively ever since. It’s like my throat is trying to heal itself by producing more saliva. But it’s not working and the constant swallowing is just making my throat raw. I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing seems to work. The only thing that gives me any relief is when I drink water or take a sip of something cold. But even that doesn’t last long and the compulsion always comes back.
I don’t know what to do anymore. This has been going on for weeks and I’m starting to get really worried. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I can do to make it stop? Please help!

It looks like you have expressed some stressful event or your unconsciousness indicates a problem within you. What you describe sounds like sensorimotor OCD, but I think you should call your personal doctor first. If you don’t receive adequate help from them, book a consultation with someone specializing in treating OCD.

I see this late, but I really hope you are better now. I agree with Joe that consulting a specialist is the best way to act in this situation. Otherwise, make sure you keep calm and have plenty of liquids around you.

I am a little better after some homeopathic substances I took recommended by a friend who understands those things. There were a few stressful events that I’ve been through recently, and most likely, they have something to do with the way I feel. I will consider your suggestions too, lovely people. :slight_smile:

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I am curious to know more about the substances you took and helped you with. I have tried similar ones before but without significant results. Honestly, I always envied those people who get better from homeopathy.

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Dear Sofie, I’m sorry it’s just now I see your question. I use Calcarea Carbonica, which makes me calm down and helps with compulsive swallowing. However, there are different homeopathic remedies for different OCD types, so this one might not work for everyone with OCD.

This would be a fascinating topic to research. Somehow it feels right that there are different remedies for each type of OCD. I guess the dosage is prescribed individually too?

Yeah, there are different remedies for different problems, and the dosage is critical. It’s super interesting, and I would love to learn more about the topic even out of curiosity.

I am impressed that this type of medicine has such a strong impact. Considering your case where you had so much trouble stopping the compulsive swallowing that tortured you. Are you still experiencing compulsive swallowing symptoms?

I somehow felt that it would work and didn’t doubt it before giving it a try. I don’t really experience compulsive swallowing anymore. It all started after some stressful events in my life, and it is almost over now.

We who have OCD are predisposed to more side effects due to stress. I was diagnosed with irregular heartbeat a few months ago, and it made me make even more lifestyle changes to reduce eventual stressful events in my life.

I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Nevertheless, I am sure that you can handle it well because you seem like a sensible person. Now when I think about it, I probably have something similar, so I need to check that soon.

I always get so childishly excited when someone says that I am sensible or something like that. However, I won’t say the same for you if you don’t pay attention to your potential heart problem within a short time. Those things are important.

Hehe, I like your reaction. I do my yearly checkups at the end of the year, so it’s going to be in a month or two. Not so far away in time. I suppose it might be from the stressful time I had this year which also caused me the compulsive swallowing.

I will do my best not to get stressed then. I would not bear the symptoms of compulsive swallowing that you described earlier. I hope it doesn’t come back to you.

I hope so, too, every single day. Nevertheless, I have the strange feeling that I might have to deal with it again at some point. Anyway, I should better prepare than feel so scared of it.

I know that feeling, and if you have it probably, it will happen again :(. But if you prepare well, then nothing much to be afraid of. I know you will be alright no matter what temporary happens.

It happened again, and then I went to the hospital last week. I was given several types of medications and got better for the moment. Unfortunately, within a few days i still had milder symptoms but healed them with my own methods.

I hope you are well now and wish you good luck with the condition. I am really sorry that you had to reencounter this terrible situation. You should be lucky and happy that your methods serve you so well.

I am happy that I could handle this condition well after I got home. This gave me the confidence that I will do so again in case it happens in the near future. Talking about it here was also a fantastic way to feel better.