Cooking helps me deal with OCD

I am about to share some groundbreaking news: Cooking will most likely help you deal with OCD, just as it helped me. I recently discovered that a glass of wine and preparing a meal or two after work calms me down and inspires me simultaneously. I have no intrusive thoughts whatsoever while doing it and afterward while we have dinner. I hope this inspires most of you who like to cook or want to learn how to do it.

Your story is inspiring, Karla. Cooking helps a lot, indeed. It never fails to calm me down, especially when I do it for other family members. :clinking_glasses:

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I wonder if you feel the same satisfaction without a glass of wine. Nothing personal, but I am happy to do any task with a few glasses of wine and feel especially happy when I do something I like to do after some wine intake.

I do but not as much. Also, I set my limits on how much I can drink and drink only high-quality wine, so there’s not much harm being done.

I understand you. As long as you don’t see a problem after the frequent wine intake, then everything should be fine. I can’t keep to one-two glasses, especially if it’s a good one. :grinning:

Everything is under control when it comes to wine consumption from my side. I am a control addict, which probably is also an OCD. I know that my habit is not suitable for everyone with weak self-control.

It’s great you can enjoy your happy evenings without the fear of addiction. However, remember that everyone can get addicted to something they often do, no matter how strong they think they are.

I have it in mind every time I do something addictive. Despite that, I will be extra careful. Thanks for caring, Sawan :slight_smile: