Coping with perfectionism

Dear friends, I want to see how each of you copes with imperfection. I am curious and want to hear about other positive methods which work well for you.

  • Focusing on progress than perfection
  • Being more compassionate to yourself and others
  • Talking more about it
  • Other

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I think people who try to be perfect all the time are a little boring. Thus, trying out more hobbies and getting out of your comfort zone can loosen up your perfectionism a little.

That’s a nice suggestion, thank you :slight_smile: I rarely think about it, though.

I cope with perfectionism by doing things perfectly but doing my best to avoid criticizing others. It’s sometimes somewhat challenging, but I don’t want to be critical even when I have to.

I always wanted to do that, but most of the time, I fail not to be critical of myself and others. When I don’t like something, I need to voice it to take it out of my mind.