Coping with perfectionism

Dear friends, I want to see how each of you copes with imperfection. I am curious and want to hear about other positive methods which work well for you.

  • Focusing on progress than perfection
  • Being more compassionate to yourself and others
  • Talking more about it
  • Other

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I think people who try to be perfect all the time are a little boring. Thus, trying out more hobbies and getting out of your comfort zone can loosen up your perfectionism a little.

That’s a nice suggestion, thank you :slight_smile: I rarely think about it, though.

I cope with perfectionism by doing things perfectly but doing my best to avoid criticizing others. It’s sometimes somewhat challenging, but I don’t want to be critical even when I have to.

I always wanted to do that, but most of the time, I fail not to be critical of myself and others. When I don’t like something, I need to voice it to take it out of my mind.

You should consider it more seriously then. Don’t be fooled by how simple it sounds. I am almost sure it will make a positive impact on your life.

I don’t underestimate it at all. I am just trying to figure out how to be friendly and lovely without losing myself and pretending to be someone else.

There are many options, some of which are picking your words carefully and selecting who you interact with. In the right company, you won’t need to try hard to express yourself and fear how people perceive you. In not-so-right company, you don’t need to talk much if it feels wrong.

I already know those things, but when I am around people, I don’t like, I tend to look fake cause I want to get away. However, sometimes I can’t get away right away.

I understand, but you don’t need to center your thoughts around the people you don’t like even though you are in their company. Practice focusing on other things essential for the business or topic you are gathered to work on.

Maybe you are right. I should put more effort into thinking about my own things instead of focusing too much on the environment around me.

I am glad I helped you again. :stuck_out_tongue: You should call me a friend from now.

I did consider you as my online friend before, also. Like most of the people, I had conversations here. I wish we could all meet one day or make a webinar or something of this sort.

I proposed the same thing some time ago, but maybe most of the users are still shy about similar form of communication. But I think it will happen at some point in the future, especially when more users come to connect.

You’re right, introducing new forms of communication or social interactions can take time for users to embrace fully. People may be initially hesitant or shy about trying something different. However, as more users join and become familiar with the platform, they may become more open to exploring different ways of communication.

You’ve captured the essence of the adoption process perfectly. Change, especially in communication and social interactions, can trigger hesitancy due to familiarity and comfort with existing methods. Yet, as more individuals engage and become accustomed to the new platform, they become more receptive to innovative means of interaction.

I think you put it out more complicated with too many sophisticated words. :sweat_smile: However, I can’t explain more simply myself now, so maybe it’s just right.

Hehe, maybe I did something like that. I thought it was essential to be precise as it sends the exact message that should be assimilated for optimal improvement.

Striving for perfectionism is something really good as long as we control our emotions when things don’t go perfectly. So, the problem can be found only in how we react to imperfect things or situations.

I like this line, and you are more right than wrong, even from my profound experience in life. :hugs: