Does my partner have OCD?

Hello everyone, I am Liz. It is the first time I have posted anything in a similar community, but I have a serious question. My current partner can’t stop cleaning around the house and demands the same from me. I can not even leave the dishes for more than a few minutes without washing them. Do you think his cleaning obsession might be due to OCD, or is it another problem? Sometimes I feel that I am the problem while I have never had issues of this sort before. I would appreciate your help.

Most likely, he has OCD, and his compulsive cleaning is related to fear of contamination. However, the best thing you can do is talk with him and suggest going to a therapist if he hasn’t done so before.

Sounds like a logical solution. I will try to talk with him. But what if he doesn’t want to see a specialist? Should I insist or demand that he better control his cleaning obsession because I live with him?

From what you described, he is likely to have an issue, and it will be better for both of you if he consults someone to help him find it and deal with it.

I tried talking with him, and at first, he understood that he might have a problem. However, a couple of days later, he decided he didn’t want to see a specialist. I noticed that during the last couple of days, he has been trying to stay calmer than before, probably because he doesn’t want to disturb me.

I see. He most likely thinks that going to a specialist will be uncomfortable, so he is putting more effort into not disturbing you. It’s also possible that he is scared of dealing with a condition like OCD.

I thought he didn’t want to deal with a condition like OCD and have it in his journal. Things are under control now, but I see he is trying hard.

In my opinion, the situation might escalate someday, so try to be prepared. I know from myself when I tried hard to hide my OCD symptoms before instead of treating them.

I know deep down in myself that matters will worsen sooner or later. Nevertheless, I will approach the situation with understanding and try to help my partner as much as possible.

I agree with you that you should approach the situation with empathy and understanding. However, remember that you should not compromise too much with yourself either.

I understand what you mean, and I appreciate your empathy and understanding. You’re right that I should not compromise too much with myself, but things seem to work now. He realizes that he needs further help sooner or later, which gives me hope.

It’s encouraging to hear that your loved one recognizes the need for further help, and that should give you hope that positive changes are possible. Just remember to be kind to yourself as you navigate this journey.

The people around me describe me as a kind person, so there are no worries about me and those around me. However, I believe that most of those around individuals with OCD have a hard time supporting them. I think there should be more emphasis on support for friends and family of individuals with OCD.

Actually, there are support groups for friends and family members of people with OCD. Type on google and check if there are some in your area. Otherwise, there are such groups online.

I will indeed search for some. I never thought about those, to be honest. Maybe if I had found one a couple of weeks ago, I would handle the situation easier.

Yeah, nearly everyone says they wish they had known about the support available earlier. However, you can act now instead of struggling by yourself. I am sure you will find lots of support. :slight_smile:

I am finding the needed support for now. It’s like my life is changing for the better daily by trying to understand what those with ocd might experience and helping my partner feel better.

Understanding how others feel is crucial for a healthy and long-term relationship. You will stick to the plan and overcome this challenge together. It will only get better with time for you and your partner.

I am more certain about it now after I got help from people like you. I thought it wouldn’t work and people would tell me generic things, but I am pleasantly surprised with how things turned out.

I can only be glad that my suggestion was helpful in this case. I hope some people on the web helped you improve your life circumstances. :slight_smile: