Doubts about my sexual orientation

I often experience doubts about my sexual orientation. I am not sure whether I have a reason for those doubts, but they pop up in my head all of a sudden. I am not sure what to think so I want to ask if someone here can give me some advice about what to do. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi friend. I can see that you are uncertain about your thoughts, and that’s alright. I have read similar questions in other forums as I can remember. I believe this is a symptom of your OCD, but I would advise you to speak to a professional to be completely sure.

If you doubt whether there is a reason for your thoughts, then it might be SO-OCD but as William said, try to consult a specialist. Maybe book a phone consultation if you feel uncomfortable at first talking about it.

Well, most likely, you have a fear of having the other orientation. If you were homosexual, you would most likely know it already. So yeah, talk with a specialist so that they help you clear your thoughts and see the reason behind them.

Thank you all for sharing your opinions. I see that I really have to go see a therapist as I can’t figure out what is going on in my head. Once again, you are amazing :100:

I wish you all the best! Feel free to come back in the community if you need more help or want to help someone else with advice. :cherry_blossom:

Thank you again, Sofie. I have my first consultation next Tuesday, but I already feel way better about myself than before. I will share information about the process, and maybe I will help someone else with it.

I cannot wait to hear from you, edumate. I am sure that everything will go smoothly, though.

It is okay for now indeed. Honestly, I feel a little exhausted after all the information I received but also relieved at the same time. I will update more these days. You can check out the other topic I made just now :hugs:

Rest your mind after the things you learned because is much more in the future. I will check the topic. It is great you feel comfortable in our community. :purple_heart:

I am more confident now, even talking about my thoughts with close friends. I guess that’s a good sign. Apart from that, I go to therapy, and I started distinguishing what I really think and what comes from my OCD.

You sound like the perfect OCD case. I can only wish you to continue working on your condition so that you achieve lasting results.

I am doing so :slight_smile: I can be only happy that I have intelligent and understanding people around me who can put themselves in my shoes. I am even more delighted to know that support groups like this exist where I can get advice from people I don’t know.

I feel flattered to hear that. We all need help and support when struggling with OCD, even when it starts to get better. I will be happy to see you here helping other members and sharing more of your OCD experience.

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I don’t know much about OCD yet, or at least not much about all the other types of OCD. However, I will keep being active when I need advice or have something to share.

A good place to learn more about the other types of OCD is by reading some of the OCD subtype articles here: OCD Blog: Tips, News & Personal Stories About OCD And OCD Subtypes | NOCD.
I found them helpful back in the time.

Many thanks for the link. I honestly dont like searching for things on my own. :grinning:
I see there are so many subtypes indeed.

Oh, you can’t be that lazy. Who is searching for you then?
There are many subtypes and specific symptoms about each subtype. It’s crazy :sweat_smile:

Usually, I ask someone knowledgeable when I need some information, so sometimes they search for further information to explain it better. :grin: I am sure people know me well, so they don’t even try to complain.

You have to be really charming to those who often do it for you. I can’t imagine doing such simple tasks even for my best friends. Also, I wonder how you trust the validity of the information you receive without checking it yourself.