Essential oils for OCD

Thank you, I appreciate your willingness to help. This is the only oil blend for OCD I found online, and we can do better in terms of marketing.

I want to have it. The idea of having it in my pocket when I start feeling anxious is not bad at all.

It looks adorable. Moreover, I think that people will get crazy about such blends that reduce stress and anxiety. You can think of some innovative ways to apply or sniff the product. If I come up with something, I will send a private message to you, Sofie, as I could read you first came up with the idea.

Thanks for the tips and willingness to help. It’s a fantastic idea to think about an innovative method for making those products unique in the marketplace. I have many ideas in my head and should start doing something because someone else will do it instead, and then I will get sad.

I like the way you inspire yourself to act. Go for it and make the lives of people with OCD a little easier with your blends. :star_struck:

What is your progress, then? Don’t tell me that you are relaxing daily in some exotic destination and forgot about developing your genius idea.

I have an unfinished business plan about essential oils for OCD. I don’t want it to sound like an excuse, but I have to make many other decisions these days. I believe that everything will turn out fine so that I will be able to proceed to work on this idea.

I wish you the best of luck then. I also have a lot of unexpected things to deal with these days and could notice the power of more frequent intrusive thoughts. Hopefully, things will be under control soon.

Things are mostly under control now, and I hope for you too. I was wondering where to purchase the oils for the idea I had. Probably I need to order from a few places to figure out the best price/quality ratio.

Why don’t you talk with a business consultant to better understand things related to that idea?
I am sure they have high fees, but if you don’t have business experience, you probably need someone’s professional opinion.

I am not sure who to talk to. If you know some professional for an online consultation, let me know their contacts. I prefer an online consultation first because I am not exactly sure how to structure my idea, so it will be more comfortable for me to be just in front of my computer.

I think I know somebody who will help you out with professional advice. I need to look up his contacts and will forward them to you. You know, one step forward to the goal is half work done.