Existential questions

Recently I have been overly occupied by my thoughts about our purpose on this planet. I read a lot about conspiracy theories, some of which have the evidence of bare truths, and I do not want to be arrogant, but the life of the average person is a complete joke. Born to be part of a corrupt system, work like a robot, and be replicable in every situation, even as a family partner. I need someone to argue with what I said and make me slightly more optimistic, but good luck.

You need to find your own purpose, and as long as you believe in what you are doing, you won’t feel like this. Many things are ugly in this world, but the good can outperform the bad. You decide on which side you want to be.

I believe in many things, but the problem is that I don’t feel that something depends on me. I can fight for a cause all my life, and then someone with more power can ruin everything in minutes.

That’s correct, but many things can happen. You can fall into the ocean tomorrow and drown. Does that mean that you should not make plans for next week?