Gad vs. OCD: What's the Difference?

Originally published at: Gad vs. OCD: What's the Difference?

GAD vs. OCD: What’s the Difference? Do you know the difference between generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? If not, you’re not alone. Many people can’t differentiate those disorders because they are often confused about their actual meaning and impact.  This blog post will discuss the differences between GAD and OCD. We will…

I am curious to know if you have been misdiagnosed for GAD instead of OCD and vice versa, or you know someone who has been.

I have heard of multiple cases where people were diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety. It seems a shame for a professional therapist to do that, as there are apparent symptoms that distinguish those disorders.

From this article, I got another idea for research. This is about the number of people with OCD who might also suffer from GAD and possibly the additional treatment methods they should receive to recover. :face_with_monocle:

I hope you have time to examine that topic too. I think that there are more research papers written about GAD and OCD because of the similarity of symptoms sometimes.

You are right. I will research at some point, but now I have to focus on my current topic. The problem is that there are not many people with OCD we can interview, and we need people suffering from different OCD subtypes.

I can help you if you need me in some way. You can also create a topic about seeking volunteers here and in other communities. I am sure that there will be many individuals who will be willing to help too.

I sent you a short questionnaire too. I don’t want to do additional spam with my research anymore. Hopefully, I have enough volunteers and too much work to do for now.

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I hope you are doing great with your research and saving your energy for the last most difficult days of it. I hope my questionnaire is helpful to you and wish you a fantastic summer holiday.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your help, and I am sure you will have great summer moments too. I send you my best wishes for you and your family.

Best wishes to you and your family too. I can say that I have both GAD and OCD now after hours in traffic congestion at 40 degrees Celsius. Similar moments make me think that we should spend our holidays at home or somewhere nearby.

I never understood people who go to travel when they know that there will be a lot of traffic during this particular period. Next time don’t listen to the others unless they want to drive instead of you and stay somewhere closer during your holidays. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, right, I have to be tougher sometimes. In a similar situation, I find myself being extremely unstable and even aggressive, so I think traffic congestion is unsuitable for people with conditions such as OCD.

Get an electric scooter and move around. I use mine instead of driving approximately 40% of the time, which helps me save time in traffic congestion.

I considered this before but didn’t want to deal with charging that thing. I might get one when they upgrade them and make their battery last longer.

You will get used to charging it. Remember, some people charge their cars too. :grinning: Some shooters have a longer-lasting battery already, but they are usually at the higher price range, so if you can afford it, I believe it’s worth getting it.

Cool, i will have a look at what’s on the market now. Most likely i will use it a few times and give it to my son. Going back to the topic of GAD and OCD, did you do any research about it as you planned?

I spent quite a few hours examining common patterns between the two conditions and have quite a few assumptions made. However, I need further information before I state anything yet. Nevertheless, there is quite a lot of evidence that both conditions can depend on each other.

I believe that all people with OCD have GAD, which shows in different ways. Many studies show that our brain chemistry is different, and those with either condition have similar or identical abnormalities.