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Groinal Response OCD: What You Need to Know If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), you are probably familiar with the term “groinal response.” This condition can be highly disruptive and embarrassing for those who suffer. This blog post will discuss what groinal response OCD is, the…

Being a man and having a groinal response from time to time is not a funny thing. If it weren’t apparent to the others, I wouldn’t bother so much. Anyway, I learned to accept and ignore the groinal response when it happens instead of rewarding my OCD with worry.

Maybe you can try therapy too or ask your therapist for other ways that can reduce the likelihood of groinal response happening. It gives me anxiety when I imagine you giving a speech or something like this and then having an erection. Has it happened to you, and how have you dealt with it if the answer is positive?

No, hopefully, it didn’t happen. When I have moments being the center of attention, I usually sit or make sure that there is something in front of me. I am trying not to think about the possibility of it happening, but also I’m internally terrified of it. I talked about this topic during therapy and was doing ACT which helped. However, I still experience groinal response from time to time, even though rarely.

I can feel that you are not fully confident with the results of your therapy. Correct me if I’m wrong. My suggestion is to talk to another therapist or discuss further options for this problem with your current one.

It should be really stressful for you anyway. I support William that maybe you need to find further support.

It hasn’t happened in public almost for three weeks now. I concluded that I should stop fearing it from happening because it’s something natural and should not scare the people around me. Does anyone support my opinion?

Looking from that perspective, you are right. But you know that people are not rational all the time. If you do not care much about their opinion, you are all fine.

I do care, but I decided that it should not be for the price of my sanity. Everyone is weird, and I prefer to accept my possible groinal response as something that happens. Meanwhile, I will continue searching for methods that will decrease its chance of happening because I am a problem solver by nature.

I respect you, man. I am not sure I would have the strength you do, especially with that specific problem. Nevertheless, keep searching for the method that works and can eventually help others with the same problem as yours.

If I were in your place, I would do the same. Just because your problem is perceived to be more embarrassing doesn’t mean you need to lose your sleep over it.

You are supportive, guys, and I appreciate it. I am proud of myself to a great extent for deciding to live the life I want without additional stress. It takes a lot of hard work but eventually, I can serve as a good example to you and everyone here to be more courageous when it comes to OCD.

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You are an excellent example for everyone with OCD and a star in our community. I hope that people will take seriously the example you give them so they can improve their lives too.

Don’t make me blush, please. No matter my positive words, I still experience anxiety symptoms when I have to speak in front of many people fearing that I might have a groinal response. I catch myself worrying about it and then let it pass, though.

I guess this is inevitable. You cant entirely wipe out the fear and anxiety. The important thing is your conscious decision to live without fear which I find so admirable, and all other users here should take it as an example.

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