Harm ocd thoughts that feel so real

Hi all
I have harm ocd started about 5 years ago was ok for a few years now it’s all come back
So against my values and beliefs I never want to hurt anyone but thoughts come back and feel so real so real
Went to see a therapist she thinks it more child hood related issues would anyone agree with that

Hi @Rks, It could be child-related trauma. I can assume you didn’t get to the root of the problem a couple of years ago, and now you have to deal with harmful OCD again. If that’s the case, let your therapist guide you so you can deal with the conditions more easily.

I have childhood-related memories that I can’t forget, and I instinctively know those make my life harder. They most likely contributed to my OCD issues, so I believe you might be dealing with a similar case.

Thank you for your responses.

I have always been a reserved character when I was younger I was quiet and shy.

I was always into reading when younger not really into watching tv and stayed away from horror and violent movies.
Turning 40 five years ago I had a thought when around my children one afternoon it was involving a knife just thinking that I could have hurt them it filled me with fear.
So the opposite to my value and beliefs I do see myself a a gentle kind character couldn’t even kill a fly.
I got so scared that I could have a thought like that I handed myself into my gp surgery who sent me to psychiatric care. This didn’t help me made my anxiety worse.
They then confirmed I had OCD intrusive thoughts.

It put a fear into me sometimes feel so alone with theses thoughts I have done exposure therapy, would never hurt anyone but the thoughts they come out of the blue sometimes😟

Hi @Rks, it’s usually the kindest souls terrified of doing something harmful to others. Firstly, you should relax and assure yourself that you are not responsible for your intrusive thoughts and they are not part of your personality. Then, it would be best if you opted for therapy, which will help you deal with and accept those thoughts as coming and going and not reflecting on your actions. Depending on your country and area, you can find plenty of information about which therapist is good or even try online therapy.