Harm OCD

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Harm OCD was hard topic for me. When I think back I can not really understand how I could become so ill. This is what happenstance after successful treatment I ques :slight_smile:

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Insightful article :slight_smile: I can definitely relate to most of the things written there. Thank God now I have things more under control. Before I had many moments where I could simply wanted to kill the person who made me irritated and escape. Now I want that too sometimes but I realize I should make a better plan for it hehe

@William I also used to be terrified of my thoughts of harming others. Being religious and having those intrusions used to make me feel really down in life. I am so grateful that now I understand the reason behind it and that it is not my fault.

It seems that almost everyone with OCD has experienced harm OCD. Including myself too, but somehow it was not really severe with me.

You should be only glad about the fact that it was not severe. May I ask you what OCD symptom is the most difficult for you and what really helps you to cope with it?

The most difficult for me to cope with are my repetitive behaviors. I just cant stop performing certain rituals I am used to and be sure that nothing bad won’t happen. I feel this will be part of me forever or at least some of the rituals. What about you?

I will choose repetitive behaviors any time than harm ocd :sweat_smile: Also the current covid situation worsened my ocd and sometimes I am still on the verge of acting on my thoughts.

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I really hope you find your cure for this. As I mentioned on other threads, religious OCD was the most difficult for me. It took me a lot of time to realize that I am not a bad person and deserve good things in my life.