How did ERP therapy help you in your recovery journey?

How did ERP therapy help you in your recovery journey?
ERP is an essential part of the recovery journey. It´s not easy; it is challenging work and can be a slow process but definitely worth the time and effort.
It helped me become more aware of how I think and has taught me to distinguish between OCD thoughts facts, and that OCD is just imaginary and not real.

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I’ve had a really hard time during my teenage years attending school. Also, as a girl no one would assume that I have OCD because those who knew something about the disorder would associate it with boys. I was extremely lucky to have a teacher whose son had the same symptoms as me so she gave me his therapist number. I decided that I have nothing to lose so I went for a consultation and was diagnosed with OCD. I got medication prescribed at first but eventually what helped me the most was ERP therapy. Just like you @jonasEriksson , it was hard to expose myself to those uncomfortable thoughts at the beginning. However, with time I build more mental strength and confidence in myself.

I have not recovered yet, but I understand that ERP is a necessary pain :frowning:
Is doing ERP as horror, I think it is?

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Oh, I understand you very well. But at the end of the day there’s some light in the tunnel :heartpulse:

ERP combined with medication helped me tremendously with my Postpartum OCD. I am sure that the medication alone wouldn’t have done the job.

It might be a pain, but it is worth it, dear Kristin. How is your progress with therapy up to today?

Hi friend. I feel way better than last month. It still feels like hard work for me, but I hope that it will get more effortless in the future.

You are rocking it, @Kristin. You can set up a plan with milestones and prizes for each milestone reached during the treatment process. I did that a few times before, and it was helpful.

That is a bit of great advice indeed. I will ask my partner for gifts when I reach certain milestones, too :crazy_face:

You know how to take the best out of each situation, don’t you? :sweat_smile: If this can help you follow your treatment plan, i can only encourage you to ask for small gifts.

It helps already. The meaning of it is that everyone should find what encourages them and follow their treatment plan.