How diet affects depression and anxiety

This is right. All that contradicting information is honestly confusing me most of the time. We live in times when we have to learn to listen to our bodies and inner voice more to figure out what is good for us.

You cant be more right. I am also trying to simplify things as much as possible and consume primarily natural non processed foods.

I often watch the videos that doctor Berg posts, and yesterday, this one appeared on my tread:

We should all stack up with some lemon balm tea as he explains how it reduces stress and anxiety.

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Oh, is this Melissa tea? It brings back one of the best memories of drinking this tea in my grandma’s house. Incredibly, It is helpful for anxiety too. I didn’t know that.

It’s applaudable how he researched it so well and scientifically explains how lemon balm tea helps people with stress. In terms of skipping breakfast, it’s healthy. If you are doing intermittent fasting and can eat between 11 am and 5 pm, then even without breakfast, you help your body cleanse and have more energy.

I love lemon balm and have it at home along with chamomile and tablets of valerian. I can’t say which of those three makes me feel calmer, but I have taken pills of valerian pretty often recently.

Yes, it’s a well-researched video. I also find what you say about intermittent fasting logical. If I do in that time window, I can calmly skip breakfast.

Have you been more stressed than usual these days?

Not all days in a row, but overall yes. I’ve had moments I didn’t want to do anything but shut down and stop thinking. I’m not sure what the reason is.

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As I can see, you are female, so what always makes us happy is going to the mall. Get a new perfume or whatever you like, and you might feel better. Not a solution for sure, but it never fails to make me feel better.

You are right, though :sweat_smile: Do you use the same “therapy” when you feel a little off and anxious? I can see you mentioned that it always makes you happier but is it also the case with intense anxiety and other OCD-related moods?

I am a little sad that I am not a female in this case. It would be fun to go on a shopping spree and feel less anxious and happier about things. Is there someone who can share some tips for dealing with anxiety that would not typically hear in the therapist’s office?

I think that if you were female, you would be more emotional in the first place due to the typical monthly hormonal changes. Some non-typical advice for dealing with anxiety can be … hmm, maybe go to a music concert or live music night and have a good time with someone special. When I look back, the main moments I remember from my life and felt best were when I was out at a concert, music festival, or anything related to music and good mood.

I hate to say it, but you are almost always right, or more often than I am. :joy: I also really like using music for some mood improvement. Especially now, after most restrictions are lifted worldwide, there are good events again.

I am flattered to hear that from you. I also cant wait to visit certain music events. I don’t care how introverted I am. After that pandemic, I feel that 2-3 years have been robbed from me. The worst thing is that I feel guilty for letting the fear spread around the world affect me.

You know that guilt and OCD are not good friends. Let everything go and see what will make you happy now and in the near future. I would be glad to see some pictures of you enjoying the summer.

Guild and OCD are definitely not good friends and I hate to feel that fact myself. I still haven’t started enjoying the summer, and enjoying is not the right word as I wouldn’t say I like too warm temperatures. I will for sure share some summer experiences with you, though :hugs:

I saw your new topic about how the warm affects you. Have you tried drinking cold drinks and taking a cold shower regularly? Otherwise, I cant wait to hear some positive experiences from you soon.

I have a lot of cold drinks and cold showers throughout the day. However, when it’s too warm outside, and I need to go somewhere, then I cant be out for a long time. I was planning to go to the doctor to see if I have some hormonal imbalance or something like this.

Paying more attention to this problem would be a good idea. Check out your thyroid too. I know that issues with it can make people perceive temperatures differently.