How exercise helps with OCD

I will start calling you mister expert. I am not sarcastic. You are knowledgeable about so many topics. I will try your tips, and let’s see if the world will see the new Kristin soon.

I am passing by to say that my volleyball coach used to say that group games were the cure to all mental problems during my university years. I also remember that I used to be more energetic and had my plans, etc. At the moment, I lead a more sedentary and stressful life and have those thoughts about the real purpose of everything and so on. Maybe I should go back to the hall to play volleyball. :slight_smile:

I am only glad that I give you inspiration. Otherwise, you have no idea how confused and uncertain I am about what I know.

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People who are so certain are never the brightest. I want to tell you that I implied your advice and after four days I feel more energetic and focused. It’s far from having my routine under control but still a good start.

Since the topic is about exercise, I found out that hiking makes me feel great. Like seriously, go hiking.

Out of courtesy, I checked some of the best anxiety-relieving exercises, and hiking is listed too.

Yeah, hiking is an entirely different experience than going up the stairs. Now I thought about the treadmill uphill walking, but probably it doesn’t have the same effect as being in nature.

I like hiking, but I always do it with someone else. I’m scared of animals, getting lost or someone robbing me if I go uphill alone. I know it doesn’t make much sense, even though some of those scenarios are possible.

I find stretching and applying muscle tension techniques quite relaxing. It gives me a lot of energy during any time of the day, along with drinking more fluids. Maybe because it increases blood flow through your body.

Thanks for those recommendations, mate. I haven’t thought about those two as a relaxing methods, but I will soon try them. :muscle:

After those stretching exercises, you will need a good massage to relax efficiently. You gave me an excellent idea for this Sunday. :yum:

I did some more stretching after a workout yesterday, and it was soo relaxing. I literary forgot about the time and could feel present simultaneously. How was the effect on you?

I am happy to hear you had a relaxing exercise. I’ve been rather lazy these days, and that specific Sunday, I went on a massage. If it’s a good one, nothing can make me feel better.

Yeah, that’s why I got addicted to that type of exercise. Time flies, and I manage to relax. Take additional magnesium for more endurance, especially if you plan to do it for a longer time.

Thanks for the tip. I prefer to drink natural mineral water, though. Also, coffee before moving for a long time is a fantastic option. Anyway, probably everyone has their specific preferences in terms of what works best for them.

I love yerba mate. It has a lot of caffeine and makes me super endurable. Feels even better than coffee, trust me. However, It should be made in the traditional method just like the people from some Latin counties make it.

I have tried only drinks with yerba mate extract and did not feel much of an effect except having more energy for some time. I trust your recommendation, though, and will look online where I can order the things needed to prepare the original yerba matte.

The thing with the preferences is true. I know people who need ice cream to get motivated, while others prefer water or anything at all. As long as some beneficial activity is done, everything is acceptable for consumption.

Even walking is highly beneficial. I love the morning beach walks or for those who are not close to the sea, walks in the park are great too. Especially in the early morning, they have a more relaxing effect.

I use iherb when I need to buy some tea or snacks. It’s convenient and has a variety of products, including mate. It’s actually great to take it before jogging or cardio. It makes you energetic.

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It’s been a while since I haven’t visited that website. Undoubtedly, it’s convenient as it has many types of tea, coffee, etc. I recently found it difficult to jog outdoors because of the warm weather without much wind. However, in the gym, it’s manageable.