How exercise helps with OCD

We have been talking about your dance issues for over a month now. You could quickly learn to dance on a basic level for that time. Anyway, I am already tired of talking about it. Next week I am on vacation, so I plan to walk along the beach every morning for a week.

I am sorry if I annoyed you. You are right, I could learn something for that time, but I will do so before the end of the year, I promise. Congrats on your vacation, and I hope you recharge as much as possible during your beach walks.

Let me know when you have actual results, and I will send you a gift from the place I visited. I managed to do my beach walks, and I am more than ever recharged to face new challenges.

Well, it’s different when I feel stimulated. I will surely put more effort into getting one more gift this year. Do you think that there might be special exercises or movements that help specifically OCD?

I think we discussed it previously, and the combination of cardio and weights would relieve any anxiety issues. Otherwise I haven’t heard about special exercise classes or something like that, but it will be a cool idea.

Someone can make a lot of bucks creating and marketing exercise regimes that relieve OCD symptoms. If combined with herbs and additional practices, it can have a good effect indeed.

Along with my unfinished business plan about essential oils, I can create a set of exercises that help people with OCD. What do you think about that opportunity? :joy:

I believe that will be easier since you won’t deal with a physical product. So just do it this time, and don’t find more excuses. :grinning:

I think someone has to beat me so that I will stop making excuses. I will see what I can do but let’s not spam much about my business ideas and offer some valuable comments about OCD and stuff.

No worries. You should take things with your temp. I’m here to help in any way that I can. If you ever need support or guidance with your business ideas, I’ll be happy to offer my thoughts and insights. Let’s focus on discussing OCD and ways to manage it.

I appreciate your willingness to help and will surely ask for your advice. In terms of managing OCD, I can add that shift in personality to being more decisive and bold helps tremendously.

I don’t know you well, but judging from our previous interaction, you have difficulty being decisive and bold. However, it looks like you are working on acquiring those character traits.