How I stopped my OCD compulsions

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My favorite part of the article. It’s funny how I’ve been worrying about everything my entire life and never tried to ask myself similar questions.

That’s an excellent question we should constantly ask ourselves. We can influence some events by doing something wrong, but our thoughts alone are unlikely to make this happen.

I have read that our thoughts can also materialize things, but this is when we constantly think about something. I would feel the best if I didn’t have thoughts that are not welcomed in my mind, but this is something I can’t control :frowning:

Your intrusive thoughts have nothing to do with any materialization of things because they are unwanted and pass by. It’s not something that you desire and manifest.

That’s good to know and makes sense, but not when I experience those thoughts. I wish I could do something about it and have more control over what comes into my head.

You need to work on your OCD just like any other condition. Eventually, you will reach a point when your thoughts are no longer affecting you in the same way as before but just passing by.

Alright. The issue is that I know how to treat the flu or some injury, but with OCD, i am swimming in unknown waters. Anyway, I see other people succeed at some point, so I am inspired to do so also.

Unfortunately, OCD can be an unpredictable and confusing condition to treat, especially when you are newly diagnosed. Nevertheless, many resources, support groups, and great professionals can significantly help through the healing process.

I feel I am in the right direction. The issue is that I have so many life choices to make soon that I want to ensure I can handle my OCD well so that it does not interfere with life. It could have been great if my parents supported me too, but obviously, I have to deal with it myself.

We don’t choose our parents, and you won’t be underage forever, so better days will come, trust me, Meanwhile, learning essential qualities such as self-discipline, persistence, and controlling your emotions will only serve you good in the future.

I understand. From my observations, people need to overcome specific challenges to become wiser. How did you learn those life skills yourself? Did you go through a lot of hardships?

I don’t consider my journey to adulthood much different from the others except for my OCD condition. It reached me how to be more patient and understanding toward the problems of others.

Going though hard situations for the sake of becoming tougher is the only way I calm myself down for all the inconveniences in my life. I cant wait to be independent and live according to my own rules.

You can live according to your own rules by refusing to do or comply with things that no longer serve you well. Challenging at first, but you will gradually see an improvement in all aspects of your life, including OCD.

I think that refusing to do things that don’t serve me well is practically impossible, as everyone has to do something they don’t want on a daily basis. For example, I don’t think someone wants to wake up and go to work or school.

You know that I didn’t mean routinely habits or habits of necessity. We all do those to survive. Nevertheless, in case you don’t like going to that work or you don’t want a 9-5, then you can plan and eventually do something else.

Even if I do so, I will still find things I don’t want to do. Unfortunately, I discovered that I am too weak sometimes. Maybe I need additional help to find motivation and impose self-control in my life.