How I stopped procrastination

Here I am again sharing another thing I realized and improved. Namely, reducing procrastination by realizing it’s based on subconscious fears. Once I figured out most of my fears and worked on eliminating them, I decided to focus on the present moment and take the most out of it. This way, I do every task when I have time without more excuses. It took me a while to see some results, but other than that, it’s an easy method to help yourself and get your work done. :slight_smile:

It sounds great that you followed a logical approach to eliminating your subconscious fears. May I know the way you identified those fears? It took me a long time to do that a few years ago.

Sure. I paid attention to my reactions and emotions in different situations. I asked myself why I felt anxious or uncomfortable in certain situations and tried to identify the root cause of these feelings. It took longer than expected, but the results were worth it.

That’s a smart approach. I similarly fixed my issues after some time of struggling and with lots of external help. Each journey is different, though, so I admiration for your success.

So you are saying that simply realizing something eliminated the damaging behavior from your routine. I can’t stop procrastinating sometimes, even though I tried multiple techniques. :frowning:

You must do it consistently and write down each time you have a probable answer for your emotions. Then it gets easier cause you start seeing the pattern.

Along with what Andrew said, I think you should spend more time talking with like-minded people. You can do it in this community as well as in other groups.