How I stopped procrastination

Here I am again sharing another thing I realized and improved. Namely, reducing procrastination by realizing it’s based on subconscious fears. Once I figured out most of my fears and worked on eliminating them, I decided to focus on the present moment and take the most out of it. This way, I do every task when I have time without more excuses. It took me a while to see some results, but other than that, it’s an easy method to help yourself and get your work done. :slight_smile:

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It sounds great that you followed a logical approach to eliminating your subconscious fears. May I know the way you identified those fears? It took me a long time to do that a few years ago.

Sure. I paid attention to my reactions and emotions in different situations. I asked myself why I felt anxious or uncomfortable in certain situations and tried to identify the root cause of these feelings. It took longer than expected, but the results were worth it.

That’s a smart approach. I similarly fixed my issues after some time of struggling and with lots of external help. Each journey is different, though, so I admiration for your success.

So you are saying that simply realizing something eliminated the damaging behavior from your routine. I can’t stop procrastinating sometimes, even though I tried multiple techniques. :frowning:

You must do it consistently and write down each time you have a probable answer for your emotions. Then it gets easier cause you start seeing the pattern.

Along with what Andrew said, I think you should spend more time talking with like-minded people. You can do it in this community as well as in other groups.

I keep doing it here. Also, in real life, I am more open to meeting new people who resonate with me than before. Strangely I haven’t gotten a notification about those replies and just randomly saw it now.

That’s great to hear you’re more open to meeting new people. Sometimes notifications can be unpredictable, but I’m here now to chat whenever you want. Feel free to share anything you’d like to discuss or ask questions.

Thank you so much, I love it. It’s not often I make friends both online or offline. However, I want to change that. :blush:

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Greetings to the post’s author for sharing his helpful experience with us. I remember reading the same thing maybe more than a year ago and thought it made sense. :clap:

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I also decided to be more open to new people in my life, and that change made it more exciting and fulfilling.

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Thank you for your appreciation. I hope my message was delivered to those who can use it as a solution or inspiration.

You are one of the few happy ones who handled procrastination. Your tips are helpful, but was there something else that helped you even insignificantly? Somehow, those tips don’t seem enough for many people to cope with procrastination immediately.

Well, my goals mainly inspired me, and the love of those around me kept me stronger. I know I am lucky to have amazing people around me, but if someone feels lonely, having dreams and goals to strive for should do the job, too.

It’s way harder without the love and support of the closest ones, but surely it’s achievable. I hope this serves as an inspiration for some. :dizzy:

If we are here to inspire, I urge people to connect more with the important people in their lives because this will make their ocd more manageable.

I love your message, and I fully support it. This action can make a tremendous difference!

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