How to beat OCD

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How to beat Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) Do you struggle with Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Do your obsessions and compulsions feel like they’re in control of your life? Are you tired of the endless OCD cycle of anxiety, doubt, and uncertainty? You are not alone. I have battled OCD for many years before finally coming out victorious. Here…

Currently, I am focused on improving my self-esteem by doing my best to look and feel good. I find myself acting more confidently. Even my voice tone seems louder when I speak. I hope it lasts for longer.

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From my experience, doing hard things always works wonders for feeling confident; if you feel down at some point which is typical for everyone, you need to do something difficult. For instance, things you have been postponing or fearing from doing, intense workouts, or apologizing for unpleasant things you have done.

I love doing complicated things to boost my self-esteem, but when my OCD symptoms get worse, this is not what is worse for me. In those moments, I need silence and to be by myself to get back to normal.

Now when I think about it, I can see that in the last few years, I’ve been avoiding doing hard things. Somehow I’m addicted to feeling comfortable. I know that not leaving your comfort zone can have a negative side, so I will take your words into account.

Please do consider my words. I know what you mean, and I have been addicted to my comfort zone for many years of my life. After I started doing the hard things, I feel great most of the time and have even more outstanding results.

I know that deep down, but I got to the point when it felt so difficult. The worse part is that I no longer have the burning wish to change life for the better as I had a few years ago.

I assume that you suffer from depression as well since your wish for improvement has declined. Naturally, we are all set up to strive for the best in our lives, and when this desire is no longer present, there are problems to be fixed.

Maybe that’s true. I don’t really know, but I am addicted to the comfort and I hate myself for that sometimes. At the same time, I am afraid to be in an uncomfortable situation again, but I know I should do something to break that habit…

The best thing is to start doing small, not-so-comfortable things like walking somewhere instead of using your car, getting up earlier than before, etc. Little by little, you will see that it’s cool to do different things, and you will be ready to try something even more uncomfortable, such as relocating, for instance.

Relocating? Are you serious? I never understood how people move to another country so quickly. This is not for me; I cant live without my friends and everything I have here at home.

Alright, maybe drastic change such as relocating is too much for you but for now. I am sure that in the future, you will look at it differently. After all, we are not born to be trees but to move around instead.

I know, and I agree, but I can’t see myself doing something like this. I can see people move around countries without a problem, but this can’t be me. Probably there is a new type of OCD related to fear of moving.

Haha, most likely you like the security and comfort of your environment. Here is an inspirational story about how a patient defeated his OCD and moved abroad.

That’s genuinely inspirational, indeed. I love how he talked so openly about the way he felt before. Probably I have to start CBT, too, and have someone support me as much as his partner.

I will support you here. :smiley: If you have difficulties, you can send me private messages too. Just choose the proper therapy and your are halfway there.

You are so cool, thank you, Sofie. Let’s beat OCD together and show others how to do it best. I would love to serve as an inspiration to other people with OCD and other mental issues potentially one day. Just like you do for me :slight_smile:

This was cute and made me from slightly sad to super happy. I never thought I could be an inspiration to someone with my inconsistent mind. I guess you haven’t read all of my posts which is great.

You can be inconsistent and still be inspiring. We should accept ourselves as who we are, don’t you think so?