How to beat OCD

Usually, yes, but challenging to implement for people like me who want to be perfect or close to that. Sometimes when someone likes a character trait of mine, I can’t believe it and think they are mocking me.

I know it’s easy to say you must stop that self-doubt because I’ve walked that path before. It was a long nearly three-year journey, and I had to do many things at once and try to complete each of them. Eventually, I started accepting myself as someone capable of completing the tasks began, so my self-doubt is minimal now.

I realize I need to put more work into building a stronger character apart from doing too many sports. Sometimes I have the impression that I need to work twice as hard as others to achieve satisfying results.

I think you need more practice until you feel you are in control. Often those who think they need to work extra than others haven’t reached that next level. I felt that way myself many times before, too, so be patient and don’t give up.

I heard someone else mention that extra level, but I am not sure what this means. I haven’t achieved something extraordinary, but I have always been top 10% in school, work, etc.

That extra level is what your mind thinks is the top achievement. It can be the top 20% for some, while it is the top 1% for others. Most likely, you are someone who considered the top 10% as not that successful and satisfying.

You are right here. Funnily, I haven’t thought about that before. I will strive to be in the top 1% and see if it will make a difference in my self-esteem. Thank you for the insight; it was super helpful.

I thought that it would make sense for you to do that. I am curious if this specific approach helped you because I haven’t observed how it works for other people than myself. However, I am not as competitive as I used to be.

I definitely noticed a change in my self-esteem and feel less tired than before. I think it’s because I feel happier and more in the flow than before, which makes me more energetic and determined.

I am so excited that I helped you in some way. I’ve read many other helpful comments here, but I still can not fix my guilt problem in the long term. I have no clue why it’s like this…

May I know what you feel guilty about? Is it one thing you’ve done and can’t forgive yourself or many random things that torture your mind?