How to Stop Shower OCD

Originally published at: How to Stop Shower OCD: Tips and Tricks

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Showering a few times a day helps me get rid of the feeling that I might be dirty, but it also makes me calmer. Obviously, I am not environmentally friendly, and my skin tends to be dry, but it’s not a habit that irritates me and that I want to get rid off.

I also find steam showers relaxing but doing that more than 1-2 times per day can make your skin dry and itchy. That’s because showering so often removes all the natural oils on your skin’s surface. I think the article has some good advice that you can try.

I know what you mean. Even as a male, I use moisturizing lotion almost daily to make my skin feel better. However, I cant reduce the number of my shower times. It will make me highly irritated if I do so.