How to Treat OCD with Diet

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How to Treat OCD with Diet: The Role of Nutrition in OCD Management Did you know that the role of nutrition in OCD management is often overlooked? Most people with OCD don’t realize that what they eat can play a role in their symptoms. In this blog post, we will discuss how to treat OCD…

The thing with caffeine is true. Since I quit coffee and energy drinks, I noticed my OCD intrusive thoughts and doubts were less frequent. Once in a while, I drink green tea if I’m fatigued, but it has only good effects on me.

My love for coffee is stronger than my pain with OCD. Anyway, I try to limit it to one cup per day when I am tired, not just in the morning.

I feel the same as you, Joe. However, I noticed that one cup a day doesn’t cause any problems, but more than this usually makes me anxious. Anyway, I am trying to substitute it with matcha, especially the combination with mint. Even though it still has caffeine, I don’t notice harmful effects from drinking it.

My tip is to find higher quality coffee for thoroughly enjoying the taste. Then the effect on the mood seems more beneficial than destructive for a single cup per day.

Your words make sense. What about your overall diet? Which foods do you consume, and have you noticed feeling better/worse after eating certain products?

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I don’t follow a specific meal plan. I try not to eat after 7-8 pm, eat smaller portions than before and avoid sweets. I am sure this is not the perfect approach for everyone, but I know myself, and strict or semi-strict diets are not for me.

I like your approach, and I wish I could do it similarly. My problem is that I have to exclude specific products and meals to stick to my diet completely. If I eat cake today, I would want one tomorrow too, so I better not eat it today :roll_eyes:

I don’t understand something about what is healthy for us. Namely, why prominent doctors speak about the keto diet, where they primarily eat meat and heal from diabetes and other chronic diseases. On the other hand, some doctors say that we should go vegan and eat raw food to eliminate any health problems. I would be happy to know at least which of those entirely different diets are more likely to help with anxiety disorders.

Those points of view always confused me. I always thought that eating meat and vegetables is the best for feeling and looking good. However, once I was at a seminar about vegan food and how such a meal plan helps with severe diseases. On the other hand, If I’m looking at the athletes, most are not vegan, but they look and feel good.

The case with athletes and all those people who do a lot of physical activity is that they burn it all. Imagine consuming a lot of calories and not being active enough. Then you store it as fat, and then you have more health issues. Usually, people who eat more meat and dairy consume more calories than those who are vegan.

This explanation really makes sense. I have been wondering the same thing as Joe, but obviously, we sometimes consume more than we burn, leading to most problems.

I decided not to wonder too much anymore and use common sense by excluding all unnatural foods such as refined sugars, refined flours, refined vegetable oils, etc. You will be surprised to see how many harmful chemicals are used during those processes.

There are a lot of harmful chemicals in almost everything, which is what makes our nervous system poisoned. In addition, are the addictive social media apps and time spent sitting in front of the computer. There is no wonder we are getting more and more mentally unstable, and there are constantly new conditions popping up.

I do agree with you, Sofie. I am not sure if it’s healthy to do so, but when I need to be concentrated for a long time, I do not eat, or if I do, so it’s very little. Having coffee with some fat like cream or ghee and water makes me carry through half of the day, keeping focused and light.

A good thing to do making our immune system stronger. Also, consuming more antioxidants like berries can battle the toxins in our bodies.

I agree, but even the berries in the shop are with pesticides. So we have to search for organic options or from somewhere locally. I sometimes don’t have the time and energy to filter the food quality constantly, even though I wish to.

Unfortunately, pesticides and hormones exist in most foods, even those labeled as organic ones. The best solution is to grow your vegetables and buy meat from grass-fed farms, but this is not an easy solution for most urban people.

That’s true. We should consume more vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants. Also, the modern way of living includes lots of alcohol. In most cases, low-quality alcohol that damages our organs alters the brain chemistry and worsens conditions such as OCD.