Hyperawareness OCD

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Hyperawareness OCD: When You’re So Aware, It’s Hard to Function Living with hyperawareness OCD is like constantly being on high alert. You’re so aware of your surroundings and everything that’s going on around you that it’s hard to focus on anything else. For people with this type of OCD, life can be a constant battle…

I have a huge problem when I sense that something smells bad. I need to get away from it in order not to throw up. What is more, I think that I can detect certain aromas way easier than others. In many cases have to leave crowded places or halls when I notice an unpleasant smell.

Maybe it is a good idea to wear a well-scented scarf. If you smell something bad, simply cover your nose with it.

I wonder if there are some sprays that make you unable to smell anything for a while. If so, that might be a solution in situations where you have to stay no matter if it smells bad or not.

I follow the topic because sometimes I have the same issue with smells around me.

I often cover myself with a piece of clothing to not smell more. However, your idea for a scented scarf is not bad. I have a few favorite smells that can be sprayed on the scarf and mask the bad ones when I need them. Many thanks for your help :heartpulse:

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I feel good that my advice gave you some solution. Feel free to share your treatment plan and progress if you decide to seek the help of a therapist.

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