Hypochondriac OCD

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Hypochondriac OCD: The Fear of Getting Sick Do you constantly worry about getting sick? Do you check your body for any signs of illness each day? If so, you may be suffering from hypochondria. This anxiety disorder makes its sufferers have an excessive fear of getting sick. Those individuals often feel like they are constantly…

I have constant fears about my health and the health of my family. Sometimes I fear going somewhere because I get weird thoughts about the possibility of something happening to me. Sometimes I even have dreams about a family member being sick or disabled. I am not sure what to do about that problem.

It would help if you realized that your thoughts are unreal and create an artificial fear in yourself. Unfortunately, no one of us has a promised tomorrow, which is valid even for the people we love. Therefore, practicing mindfulness and questioning the logic of your thoughts will help you get less disturbed by them.

I truly understand that my thoughts are ridiculous and the fact that no one knows what will happen to them and when. However, I feel that constant worry about my family and less often myself. I hate the fear that lives within me.

Then the best thing to do is gradually expose yourself to those thoughts until, eventually, they become bearable. It won’t be comfortable for sure but allowing them to pass and reminding yourself that they are false will help you reduce that stress in the future.

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I tried so many times not to pay attention to those thoughts, but it didn’t seem to work for me. I don’t know where I do the things wrong. I think that I need external help to cope with that.

Then you should find external help. Simple as that. You should understand that there is nothing shameful or unusual about contacting a mental health specialist in the first place. Then, things will start falling into place little by little.

I think that you should also exclude coffee, use your phone less and create healthier habits with more movement. When we are on the road, we live better and worry less for ourselves and those around us.

I will try to do those things and exclude other stress-inducing habits for a while. I hope it’s going to work because recently I haven’t been calm even for a day.

If it doesn’t work, you probably need professional help. Please ensure you get enough rest and some time alone to figure out the reason for you feeling in a similar way.

I do all this, but nothing works for an extended period. I am considering going to therapy because it is beyond my power to fix worrying and being scared daily. I don’t know how some people resolve their issues within a few days with self-help.

With OCD and other mental disorders, all cases are individual, requiring different amounts of effort and/or medication. That’s why you should act on your own needs so that the solutions you find work best for you.

I know that, but I secretly hoped to be one of those who would solve their issues quickly. It looks like this is not the case, and I accept it. I will surely listen to your advice :slight_smile:

Almost everyone of us secretly hoped to do so at some point. There is nothing weird with that, even the opposite. You can keep hoping and acting so you will inevitably achieve some sound results.

I know a couple of individuals who have been thinking the opposite; that there is no easy way to cope with OCD. No matter what, I always tried to be positive and hope for a shortcut. I still do, but I also put effort along the way, as you kindly advised me.

When you plant certain seeds in your mind, then this is what grows. Thinking that something is difficult creates additional stress and primarily produces adverse outcomes.

The worst thing is when those thoughts haunt me without me wanting that. But I now see that I worry on my own, separate from the intrusive thoughts I experience. Maybe I can start by eliminating those worries in some way.

The best thing to figure out what’s happening in your head is to consult a specialist. I had a couple of moments in my life when I didn’t realize what was wrong with me until I searched for help.

You might be right since I am one of those people who realize certain things after quite some time. Sometimes important things. This makes me angry and I wish I could do that way earlier without the help of others.