Hypochondriac OCD

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Hypochondriac OCD: The Fear of Getting Sick Do you constantly worry about getting sick? Do you check your body for any signs of illness each day? If so, you may be suffering from hypochondria. This anxiety disorder makes its sufferers have an excessive fear of getting sick. Those individuals often feel like they are constantly…

I have constant fears about my health and the health of my family. Sometimes I fear going somewhere because I get weird thoughts about the possibility of something happening to me. Sometimes I even have dreams about a family member being sick or disabled. I am not sure what to do about that problem.

It would help if you realized that your thoughts are unreal and create an artificial fear in yourself. Unfortunately, no one of us has a promised tomorrow, which is valid even for the people we love. Therefore, practicing mindfulness and questioning the logic of your thoughts will help you get less disturbed by them.

I truly understand that my thoughts are ridiculous and the fact that no one knows what will happen to them and when. However, I feel that constant worry about my family and less often myself. I hate the fear that lives within me.

Then the best thing to do is gradually expose yourself to those thoughts until, eventually, they become bearable. It won’t be comfortable for sure but allowing them to pass and reminding yourself that they are false will help you reduce that stress in the future.

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