I guess I am the first one to write here in postpartum OCD

Thank you for the encouragement. I managed to write a few articles last week. I wish it could go faster somehow, but as you said, practice will make me do it better. I want to read some of your work if that’s possible.

Practice builds expertise, so don’t worry, you will get there. I will DM you a link to some of my work published. Unfortunately, I have to keep it professional and not share it publicly here in the community.

Thank you for the link. I love the article you sent me. It seems you have done plenty of research and know how to structure it excellently. I will do more practice to come up with something similar one day.

I constantly research a lot, and sometimes it is so draining due to conflicting information. I also make sure to present even the point I do not believe in as an alternative so that the reader can decide on their own what is truthful and what is not. I guess it can serve you as a good starting point.

That sounds … time-consuming. :smiley: I am sure that’s an excellent way to filter what’s more thoughtful and in which case. I think I wrote a good article about my experience with postpartum disorder and what helped me. If you don’t mind, I can send you the file to look through it?

Unfortunately, It’s time-consuming most of the time.

I can’t wait to read it.