Is OCD an autoimmune condition?

I read a few resources forwarded from a friend who studies medicine that OCD can be an autoimmune condition. There have been few studies on that topic, but there is a logical reason to believe there is at least a connection between the two. If that is true, its treatment process should be totally changed, and we could finally see why most people with OCD don’t ever completely recover. What do the rest of you think about it?

I read before that OCD is associated with a low degree of inflammation, which makes it linked to an autoimmune disorder. However, I am not a medical worker, and I can’t conclude anything more.
This article suggests some interesting findings that OCD can be triggered in some individuals as an autoimmune response to streptococcal infection.

That’s mindblowing. I never imagined that parasites or bacterial infections could influence conditions like OCD. Let alone be a significant cause. :face_with_monocle:

A low degree of inflammation sounds like there is some infection going on. I am extremely curious to find out and will torture my friend for more insights into the topic.

Please do so. When I was younger, I was obsessed with reading about how parasites and ongoing infections in our bodies can cause most of the severe conditions we know today. I need to know what can potentially cause OCD …

I have also stumbled upon a few studies that suggest OCD can be an autoimmune condition. Honestly, I haven’t been surprised to hear about that. Since so many lifestyle changes work wonders, some chronic inflammation occurs in our bodies.