Is OCD an autoimmune condition?

I am famous for my multitasking, and frankly, it doesn’t affect my OCD issues. However, sometimes I can’t fit everything into my schedule. I don’t usually take supplements, but maybe I can think about taking vitamin D and some other minerals.

A lucky fellow here. When I try to multitask, I can do it fine for a couple of minutes, and my mind gets extremely tired. Vitamin D during the winter is almost compulsory, depending on where you live, but, of course, consult with your general doctor.

I know I am lucky in this regard; indeed multitasking is not for everyone. By the way, I got men’s multivitamins in capsules, and I think they help a little by making me more energetic. I hope it’s not just the placebo effect.

I am generally not a fan of those multivitamins because specific vitamins should be taken separately from others. Anyway, many people are happy to use them so if they help you, that’s only good.

I maybe understand what you are trying to say. I was never a fan of similar vitamins before myself. However, I am always trying to try something new and see if I feel better and healthier than before. For now, that is the case.

That’s all coooool, haha. Share the brand cause I got curious also.

I don’t want to advertise anything, but since you asked, it’s Solgar. I have used other products of the same brand which I liked.

Oh, you could send me a private message also. But thanks for revealing the brand. I used some of their vitamin D drops some years ago, and I was satisfied.

Why did you stop, then? I never took vitamin D separately, but I need it sometimes because I am pale and don’t spend much time outside in the sun. I’ve heard that vitamins D and B complex help improve OCD symptoms.

I stopped because I decided to spend more time outside and get it naturally instead. I know for sure that vitamin D helps with mood dysregulation. I recommend you do the same, especially if you are pale.

I have a fair skin color, so I guess I’ve been vitamin d deficient for a long time. That can also explain my mood disorders. Probably hormonal fluctuations as well.

Better do the needed checkups to determine your needs or deficiencies. It’s more complicated when it’s hormonal, so I hope you don’t have similar issues.

I will see what happens at the end of the month, but for now, I will try to spend more time in the sun and eat more vegetables. Hopefully, the results won’t be so bad.

It doesn’t seem bad as long as you can stick to that plan. I am too tempted by alcohol recently and see the harmful effects of being too irritable the other days when I am sober.

I guess you are better now, man? I indeed stuck to my habits and haven’t had more issues recently. Though I have felt a little lazier recently.

Yeah, I am alright. There was just the period of toom any birthdays and occasions to drink during the last month. The days after similar celebrations are getting worse each year as I age. Also, even though I have my ocd under control, I catch myself obsessing about random things after a heavy evening.

Normally, our energy levels and limits are not as high as when we were younger, but our wisdom should keep us happy. :slight_smile: I hope next time you know your limits.

Judging from your comment, you sound like an 80-year-old grandpa. I allow myself to be carefree from time to time and usually suggest the same thing to others. Of course, not in all cases.