Magical Thinking OCD

Originally published at: Magical Thinking OCD - Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A Look at Magical Thinking OCD: Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options If you can’t let go of your intrusive Magical thoughts, you are not alone; there is a name for it. It’s called OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Around 2% of the population suffers from OCD, making it one of the most common mental disorders. So what is…

I have a precious stone necklace that I always wear before important events for good luck. I also run away from black cats and dislike the numbers 2 and 13. Does that mean that I have magical thinking too?

It sounds like it. Especially if you fear the numbers you mentioned and avoid doing certain things on those dates, for instance. If that’s not the case, maybe you are just superstitious.

I am not sure if I fear those numbers, but I generally avoid them in my life. I don’t have any harmful thoughts whatsoever. I think that I am simply superstitious, as you mentioned.