Mental health and how heat affects it

I have always wondered whether I am the only one who gets more anxious and has difficulty working when the temperatures are high. In recent years it’s been even worse for me to stay concentrated and calm during the summer season. Yesterday, however, I decided to search for what could help me and found information about how heat can affect especially those with mental issues.

According to Ken Duckworth, medical director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, I was shocked to read that “For the nearly 1 in 5 adults who experience mental illness, heat can be dangerous.”
Let me know if you have similar problems and what helped you if you searched for a solution.

It’s funny how some individuals find the sun and the overall hot weather relaxing while others avoid it like the plague. I know many people like you, and unfortunately, some of them feel irritable all the time when it’s too warm. I am not sure whether this heat intolerance can be healed somehow, but probably creating some good strategy of staying in cold rooms and drinking more cold water might help.

I never found warm weather irritating before until this year. I find myself sweating more and being moodier than before. Maybe it has something to do with me giving birth this year and struggling with postpartum OCD.

That’s an interesting topic. I haven’t realized that the warm weather can be a problem to such an extent for some people. I’ve heard that primarily elderly individuals find it unpleasant some days during the summer. I will follow the topic to learn more.