Movies with main characters who have OCD

Hello friends, below I have sorted out some of the most exciting movies about OCD that I have watched. I watched all of them during the last two years. However, I wish I have done this earlier as they were all entertaining for me. Nevertheless, please note that some of them might bring flashbacks from memories you might have related to OCD.

Movie Title - The Aviator

The storyline revolves around the aviation tycoon Howard Hughes who has obsessive-compulsive disorder and suffers from germophobia. Despite his condition, he becomes a successful filmmaker.

Title - The Road Within

A group of friends with mental illnesses, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, and an eating disorder, go on an adventurous road trip. The reason behind their journey is that they want to scatter their mother’s ashes into the ocean.

Title – Dirty Filthy Love

The main character, a successful architect with obsessive-compulsive disorder, develops some uncontrollable habits. However, he wants the most to win his wife back, so he seeks medication without knowing that he has to face another problem.

Title - Professor T

The movie is about professor Jasper Tempest, a genius Cambridge University criminologist with OCD. He assists the police with crimes and drives them crazy with his weird behavior. This is a British version of the Belgian crime drama of the same name.

Title - What About Bob?

A comedy about a successful psychotherapist who loses his mind after one of his most dependent patients Bob Wiley. Bob is a troubled but cute patient who fears everything being an obsessive-compulsive neurotic.

Title – Pure

The story revolves around Marnie, who hasn’t been alright recently. She’s had x-rated thoughts for the last 3672 days, and she doesn’t know the reason or the meaning behind them. When she jumps on a coach to London, she doesn’t know anyone, but soon she builds a new life there.


Wow, thank you @Sawan for sharing. I will also add an English series called Pure. It´s based on the book with the same name by Rose Cartwright, here is a trailer.

Great list @Sawan. I can’t remember watching something else than Monk which is related to OCD. Therefore, this list definitely comes at the right time for me and I’m sure the community will enjoy it too. :blue_heart:

Oh, please everyone watch “What about Bob?”. This is an old and hilarious movie that will become one of your favorites.

Thank you for the recommendation Jonas, the trailer seems really interesting. I feel I will binge watch it this weekend :partying_face:

There are definitely more movies with OCD characters out there than the classic old Monk. Give some of them a try. Maybe let’s watch the Pure series this weekend and discuss it next week or wherever we are done.

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Alright, we have a deal. I hope I will finish them throughout the weekend. Otherwise, we can discuss the first few series before I’m done.

I will watch it with you friends :sweat_smile:. Otherwise, I want to recommend “Matchstick men”. It’s about an artist with Tourette syndrome and OCD who operates a fake lottery.

Welcome @William, now we are three and I am even more excited to watch it. I will watch your recommendation too but don’t promise to be soon though :sweat_smile: Wish you an amazing weekend!

No worries Yoanna, watch it when you have time. Otherwise, I started Pure and I had some laughs this evening with it. :sweat_smile:

I want to recommend “Anger management” also. It’s a comedy and it will make you laugh for sure.

I have recently missed such nice topics here. I’ve been really busy, but with those movie recommendations, I cant wait for the weekend. I haven’t watched most of them, except the Aviator but of course, it was too hyped with popular actors.

Such an interesting topic. I am not into movies though, otherwise, I can make an exemption and watch 1-2 of those on the list.

You will do yourself a favor then. I found a fascinating documentary about the lives of people with OCD

You should have watched at least one movie already. Please share your thoughts and move on to the next one. :sweat_smile:

Excellent suggestion, Joon. Here we can really see an example of the life of people with different types of OCD. It is the first OCD documentary of this type that I watched. I hope the other members appreciate its usefulness as well.

It was the first one I also watched two days ago. And yes, I recommend it. It felt more natural and unfiltered than the movies with ocd characters.

I also watched it and liked the new perspective I gained about the condition. I will also selfishly say that I am happy to be diagnosed with a somewhat milder form.

I like the movie “Julie & Julia,” but its main character most likely suffers from ADHD. Anyway, I recommend it watching if you have some free leisure time.

I know this one, it’s pretty hilarious, but I can laugh at it because I don’t have ADHD. :sweat_smile: