Movies with main characters who have OCD

I will watch it this week, too, then. Recently I haven’t watched anything, but I pay for 2-3 subscriptions. Maybe I’m just stupid.

No way. I imagine you have 10+ other subscriptions, out of which you use 3-4. Read some financial advice blogs and cancel what you don’t need, my friend. :sweat_smile:

Do you guys know if people with OCD have a specific preference for movie genres? I think I have noticed that we like thrillers more than other genres. What do you think?

I like thrillers also. However, I’m not sure I have OCD yet. I’m sorry if I spoiled the topic, I have only good intentions.

I feel happy when I have them, and I can’t explain why. I am the type of person who prefers to work extra than save on something minimal like this.

Welcome Felix :wave: . There was a topic in the forum where you could schedule a trial consultation with a specialist. I hope they can give you further information about your possible condition.

Then most likely, you have OCD too. :sweat_smile: There are many types of OCD and many other disorders, too, so a trial consultation might be good for you.

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I understand what you mean. However, small things like this pile up, and in the end, it gets expensive after all. But anyway, tell me if you recently watched some good movie, especially OCD or other mental illness related.

I recently didn’t have time for movies and can not recommend something. According to money management, you are practically right. Let’s say that my multiple subscriptions are a small luxury i like to indulge in.

I tried to search for a movie to recommend and stumbled upon “Color of night.” It’s an old movie, but there is a character with OCD, so if someone is wondering what to watch, I think this is a good choice.

Thanks, mate. I haven’t heard from you recently. I will assume that you enjoy the time with your family and have little to no problems with your OCD.

Thank you for your attention, William. I saw the topic and am considering scheduling the consultation for some time this week if possible.

I know this one. It’s a fantastic watch. Have you tried to watch the new series with Amanda Seyfried acting as Elizabeth Holmes? It’s interesting to know that Amanda has OCD also.

I want to find time to watch those series. It’s a little annoying that it’s available only on Hulu because I don’t wish to have more subscriptions. However, I will subscribe anyway. I watched the documentary two times, and now I’m super excited about the series.

Is Hulu something like Netlix? Otherwise, I also know about the case with crazy daisy Elizabeth. I hope that by acting like her in the series, Amanda does not trigger her OCD.

Yes, it is a subscription platform with movies and series. I am more than sure that she triggered some symptoms in herself. It was the case with DiCaprio, who acted like a person with OCD and admitted it triggered his own OCD.

Yeah, I saw the documentary and was so surprised that people overlook psychopaths for so long. I mean, it’s pretty easy for me to read people by how they act, move and talk. Her persona screams that something is not alright.

From my experience, psychopaths can act deceivingly until it is too late. Also, many super-smart people are often thought to be weird, so others probably assumed that she is strange in an innocent way.

I think psychopathy signs are visible for some people while others don’t assume that something might be so off. Of course, some people can effectively hide their intentions.

I wonder whether you can spot people with OCD too. I never thought about it before, but now I can think of at least three individuals I know who might have OCD.