Movies with main characters who have OCD

It depends on the OCD type, but usually, I can spot some topical OCD patterns after watching and talking with them. Of course, many other mental diagnoses resemble OCD, and I am not sure that I’m giving the correct diagnosis to the specific individual in my head.

People with narcissistic disorder should be treated the same way as other disorders. By definition, it is still a mental disorder, and so many people have it. I have recently been getting sick of some entitled, self-centered individuals at my workplace.

I am not sure that those people change. They probably improve with treatment, but they are usually so in love with themselves that they will never confess that they have a disorder. I will check some information online about those cases because I got curious now.

Yeah, psychopathic - narcissistic - bipolar epidemic :joy:. I just hope that the people in my social circle don’t change because I will freak out.

How do you explain those increasing mental problem tendencies among people? There are many factors, but the world is supposed to be improving along with technology. However, it seems like the more advanced the artificial intelligence becomes, the weaker the average person gets.

All companies and apps use multiple tactics to catch our attention to stay and spend more on their business. That way, we think about various things, and our brain uses dopamine in an unhealthy way. This leads to unbalanced brain chemistry and increased mood swings, anxiety, and consequently disorders.

The best movie about OCD is “As good as it gets”

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I watched this one a long time ago, I think. It was pretty hilarious, if I am not mistaken about the titles. Also, welcome to the community Claudette :purple_heart:

I was positively surprised by the movie “Dirty filthy love.” The main character has Tourette syndrome and OCD, making his life a nightmare. I hear a lot about Tourette syndrome, too, which does not turn out to be a cool diagnosis.

I am glad to see you finally watched one of my recommended movies. Tourette syndrome is annoying because it’s evident to others and can significantly impact one’s self-esteem. Combined with OCD, it is a total nightmare, as you mentioned.