Movies with main characters who have OCD

I should check this one out too. By the way, I watched the new movie “The wonder,” where the young girl’s rituals are a manifestation of trauma. There are even articles about it, one of which is this one - What we can learn from The Wonder about OCD |

Oh, I think I have heard about this one somewhere. I will watch it before the end of the year as it also has good ratings. Thanks for the recommendation, mate.

I watched it also an pretty much liked it. In my opinion, her OCD is a manifestation of underlying psychological trauma. As we know, trauma can lead to anxiety and fear, and some people may develop compulsive behaviors to cope with those feelings.

This is absolutely what happened with the poor girl, in my opinion also. Unfortunately, stories like hers are happening all the time around the world from parents who traumatize their children.

Well, I think most people with some mental disorders are caused by traumatizing attitudes towards them. Either as a baby, child, or adult. We should not underestimate the power of human interaction and its dangers.

That’s very true. I also believe that some of my mental issues were caused by school traumas. Thankfully, I spent a lot of time and effort healing myself, but it was not easy.

I didn’t like that movie. I don’t understand what the hype around it is. Indeed, the mom was mentally abusive, but so were all the people around her. It doesn’t make sense to me.

In my opinion, they were all too religious to look through a different perspective on the events. Indeed, in past years people were not thinking much critically but were guided by religious beliefs.

Yeah, that’s correct. But somehow, that movie made me depressed and angry, so if someone is too sensitive, please skip it.

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Fair enough. Do you know a movie about ocd that you like then?

Not a movie but a serial - Monk. I have watched each at least two times each episode. I think that movies or serials about ocd should be made funnily to be interesting. Otherwise, it gets depressing, especially for those who have OCD.

I also liked Monk before, but there are some worth-it movies to discover too. We discussed many of them above, so feel free to try watching some of them.

Alright, I will do that. :slight_smile: Thank you for the recommendation and kindness. I will write back if I like some movie.

I liked Brain on fire 2017. I could resonate with the main character, and the details were made professionally.

Hi Garry, that’s awesome. I was also impressed by the plot of the movie and the way the actors played it. I could resonate with them during many scenes of the film.

Thats great. However, I don’t see the point of watching movies with ocd characters. I don’t find it interesting to find my weaknesses in others who act as if they have them. I prefer lighter and funnier plots when it comes to movies.

I can understand your opinion, but once you can try to look from a different perspective and follow how the character with ocd evolves and cope with their issues. I think it will give you more ideas about what to do or not do in your own life.

I am not sure I can find something practical in those movies, to be honest. I take it as pure entertainment. If I want treatment advice, I will look at real stories, documentaries, or blogs about ocd patients.

Usually, you can learn many things through entertainment also. It makes the topic easier to digest when depicted with other characters.

I agree, but usually, when I watch or do something for entertainment, I don’t focus as much and don’t take into much consideration.