Noise irritability

I will try to find more information about those therapies. Do you have any experience with therapies for OCD, and which one is better if I want to try it myself first?

Thanks for the suggestion. Have you done mindfulness yourself before? Also how long did it take you to improve your condition to some extent?

I have done and still do mindfulness practices from time to time. I always feel more peaceful and light after each time I do it. Accepting things as they are and releasing all the negative emotions associated with fear makes it so great for coping with OCD.

I have been only on medications, and they work fine for me. However, many people here prefer therapy for their OCD issues, and from what I’ve read, ERP is a good start. Maybe try to read some other threats where the users here share their opinion on therapies.

I also find myself irritated by background noise from time to time. What I find helpful is keeping busy and doing a lot of physical activity. At the end of the day, I feel drained, and all I want is rest which often numbs my irritability. Sometimes, I use earplugs too because I can’t be active all the time.

I also like being tired just because I feel too sleepy to think much about my surroundings. What is new is that I bought a combination of homeopathic drops, which I take every day, and somehow I feel a very slight difference from before. I am not sure whether it’s not just a placebo effect yet.

Do those drops still have an effect on you? I am curious to know their ingredients because I have tried many natural substances like those without a significant effect on me.