Obsessive Cleaning Disorder

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How to Conquer Your Obsessive Cleaning Disorder Do you often feel the need to clean everything in sight? If so, you may be suffering from an obsessive cleaning disorder. This condition can be very frustrating and can interfere with your daily life. Fortunately, there are ways to conquer this disorder and regain control of your…

I never had any problems with a messy environment before. However, a year ago I was involved in a fight that caused me a brain concussion. After this accident, I became focused on being in a clean environment and getting stressed if it was not. I wonder whether I developed some form of OCD.

I am sorry about what you have gone through. I have read that physical trauma can provoke OCD, so it’s possible that you developed it after the accident. Nevertheless, please book a consultation with a doctor. They have better expertise to explain your case.

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I wouldn’t say I like going to doctors and mental health specialists sound even worse for me. But I don’t see I can find another solution because literary everyone is telling me to go and get help.

I can understand your frustration. However, you instinctively know that consulting a mental health specialist is for your good. So gather some courage, and you will see that things will start improving after getting a proper treatment plan.

I have already started researching for professionals in my area and will most likely visit one at the beginning of next month. I also put aside a budget for therapy sessions. I am determined to get better this year :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are great news, and I only hope your determination stays constant. You will need to be consistent and positive along the way, even when it gets complicated. In case you need support, we are here to help. :slight_smile:

Your story inspired me today :slight_smile: I am also pleased that Sofie insisted that you seek medical help for the issue you have due to the accident. Please keep us updated with your case.

I am so happy to see your reply. I can’t say I have a significant improvement yet, but I am in the process. Still, I haven’t lost my motivation to improve, which is an excellent thing because I usually can’t stay motivated for a long time.