Obsessive thoughts about children

I know that I am not a pedophile. I’ve never touched a child inappropriately, indeed. However, I often fear that I might do so accidentally somehow. What is worse is that those thoughts come and go almost daily. I have children myself and even started avoiding showing them affection when I’m alone with one of them. I am ready to talk about this with a therapist, but I wish to first share it with someone else. In fact, many people will read my story here, but that’s fine, I think.

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Thank you for sharing your story. It was really brave of you. Also, do not delay your therapist’s visit. They will surely help you. In any case, we are here to support you during the process so keep us updated.

Hi @extremelars, and welcome to our community. I understand that this situation is highly uncomfortable for you. It is not your fault, and the good news is that you realize what is happening. I believe that once you start your treatment, you have a great chance to overcome this condition and be able to enjoy your time with your children.

I try to be humorous in my comments most of the time, but now I want to show you my respect and support. I can feel that the topic is sensitive for you, but I can reassure you that the situation will only improve. Nevertheless, do not delay your therapist visits so that you regain your confidence as a parent faster.

I agree with the other members that it takes a lot of strength to confess those thoughts and seek treatment. I will be praying for you my friend. :pray: